5 people sentenced in Lycoming County

Five people have been sentenced for various crimes in Lycoming County court.

Four people have been sentenced to county prison, they are:

• Ronald E. Boal, 59, 433 South Main Street, Jersey Shore, 10 to 38 months for disorderly conduct.

• Anthoney F. Benson, 58, of Lycoming County prison, 323 to 646 days, drug and alcohol assessment, 50 hours of community service and 36 months of probation for robbery.

• Edward J. Diemer, 53, no address listed, 9 to 18 days for receiving stolen property.

• Wanyea Bailey, 24, of Lycoming County prison, four to eight days for false identification to law enforcement.

One person has been sentenced to probation, they are:

• Jesika L. Cohick, 28, of 2500 Federal Ave., Apartment 341, 12 months probation, and 25 hours of community service or online retail theft classes for retail theft.