Federal indictment issued after county case dismissed

A man who led city police on a foot chase two years ago and was found with two handguns and small amounts of cocaine and marijuana on him has been indicted on federal counts.

Jamir M. Ceruti, 22, address not known, was arrested on March 23, 2018, by police after a brief pursuit. Two stolen handguns were on him, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney George J. Rocktashel.

Ceruti’s trial in county court didn’t occur within a required year, prompting Lycoming County Judge Marc F. Lovecchio to have to dismiss the charges under what is known as Rule 600 or “Speedy Trial.”

The federal indictment released Thursday included charges of possession of firearms in the furtherance of drug trafficking, possession of a stolen firearm and possession of cocaine.

If convicted, Ceruti must forfeit the guns and ammunition. The guns were semi-automatic pistols, both of which were loaded, according to the indictment.

Ceruti remains in locked up in prison on unrelated charges. The state appellate court decision has not been reached following appeal by the former county district attorney, county court documents said.


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