Man facing alleged infant abuse also in court on drug charges

Facing charges of abusing an infant, a man recently sought to suppress evidence from an earlier possession charge.

During a traffic stop at 2 a.m. Sept. 4, 2018, police said Grant Wright, 44, of 2109 Central Ave., was allegedly discovered to have ingested impairing substances and carrying two bundles of heroin with 10 packets in each.

Neither Wright’s lawyer, Paul Petcavage, nor Joseph Ruby, assistant district attorney, made arguments for what should be suppressed. Instead, they elected to submit briefs for President Judge Nancy L. Butts to derive an opinion and order.

In February 2019, police said Wright fractured his infant’s right leg by forcibly “twisting the baby’s leg,” which was “consistent with physical abuse,” according to an affidavit. Cocaine was also allegedly found in the baby’s system, prompting a raid of Wright’s now-wife, Maria Sweeting’s Brandon Avenue home.

Wright allegedly told police that he had sat on the baby. He is a co-defendant in that case with Sweeting.

A few months prior, state Trooper Daniel Kozak said he was riding with his partner, Robert Williamson, one early September morning when he observed a vehicle speeding along East Third Street, near Pennsylvania College of Technology.

“I approached the driver side window and I encountered Grant Wright,” Kozak said in his testimony. Williamson made contact with a woman in the passenger seat.

“I could smell the odor of a strong alcoholic beverage,” he said, adding his partner took the woman aside to question her.

In asking if there were any drugs in the car, she said, “If there is any heroin in the car, I want nothing to do with it.”

Additionally, as Kozak was handing the vehicle’s license and registration back to Wright, he noticed Wright only used his left hand to transfer the paperwork to the passenger seat — appearing to be hiding something, the officer claimed.

Kozak asked Wright to step out of the vehicle, and patted him down. As the officer was conducting his search, Wright allegedly attempted to remove bags of suspected heroin from a pocket hidden from Kozak’s view.

As Williamson approached from the other side of Kozak, he noticed the act and the officers handcuffed Wright.

After receiving consent to search the vehicle, the officers allegedly found a rolled-up $20 bill.

Robert Williamson, city police officer, also testified and said the only times he has found rolled up currency has been when they were used to ingest illicit substances.

Wright has yet to be scheduled for more pre-trial hearings.


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