Jersey Shore man charged with theft after allegedly using credit cards from a lost wallet

A Jersey Shore man has been charged with two sets of theft-related charges that involved lost wallets that he recovered, according to court records.

The first set of charges filed against Todd Aaron Hill, 46, of 110 Lincoln Ave., involved a wallet with several credit cards in it that he found moments after pulling into Sheetz on Route 220 in Woodward Township on the evening of Nov. 26, 2018, state Trooper Michael App said in an affidavit.

The wallet belonged to Joseph Brennan, who accidentally dropped it on the ground before getting back in his car and heading home, App said.

App alleges that after Hill found the wallet, he used Brennan’s credit cards to buy $500 worth of food, cigarettes and alcohol at two businesses. Hill was identified as a suspect with the help of surveillance cameras at a store where he allegedly used the credit card, the trooper said.

After numerous attempts, investigators finally located Hill late last September. During an interview, Hill admitted to finding the wallet and using Brennan’s credit cards at two businesses in Jersey Shore, according to App.

Hill said that after making purchases at the last business, “he threw the wallet and credit cards out the window, somewhere in the woods off of Route 220 in the Jersey Shore area. Hill stated that during this time period, his life was a mess. He stated that he was hooked on heroin and that he did not have any money to his name,” the trooper said in an affidavit.

Hill told investigators that when he saw the wallet on the ground, he saw “an opportunity for a quick ‘fix.’ He stated that he knew it was wrong and that he felt extremely remorseful,” App said.

In a criminal complaint filed earlier this month, App has charged Hill with felony forgery, felony access device fraud, misdemeanor theft of lost property and receiving stolen property.

A second complaint, this one filed by Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Patrolman Justin Segura, has charged Hill with felony theft and felony theft of lost property for allegedly removing a large amount of cash from a wallet he recovered at the the Weis store on Allegheny Street in Jersey Shore on March 11.

The wallet belonged to Jeff Macquire, who accidentally left it in a shopping cart, where Hill found it, Segura said. A contractor by trade, Macquire said he had a considerable amount of cash on him at the time because a client had just given him a down payment and he had briefly stopped at the supermarket when he left it behind in a cart, Segura said.

Store video recorded Hill removing the wallet from the cart and taking it to the “customer service desk to turn it in. While standing in line, Hill removed cash from the wallet and put the money in his pocket. He turns in the wallet and walks away,” the officer said in an affidavit.

Following his arraignment on the two sets of charges by District Judge Aaron Biichle, Hill was committed to the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $20,000 bail.


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