Old Lycoming Township man faces charges in three separate cases, including an assault charge for allegedly biting off part of father’s thumb

Douglas Goodwin, 29, of 42 Catherine Drive, faces three separate sets of charges, all filed by Old Lycoming Township, including assault-related offenses for allegedly attacking his father during a disturbance at the family’s township home on the afternoon of April 16, according to court records filed at the office of District Judge William Solomon.

Goodwin punched his father “multiple times in the head and bit his thumb partially off,” Patrolwoman Shyanne McKivison alleged in an affidavit.

When the officer asked Goodwin if he swallowed or spit out the portion of his father’s thumb he had bit off, he replied “I don’t like meatloaf.” He has been charged in this case with simple assault and harassment.

In another case, Goodwin has been charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, theft and receiving stolen property.

The drug charges stem from Goodwin allegedly growing five marijuana plants in the home on Catherine Drive that he shared at time with his father, Patrolman Robert Mausteller said.

As police were seizing the plants on April 8, Goodwin arrived at the house carrying a sign that Mausteller alleged he stole from a yard on Mill Lane.

In the third case, Goodwin has been charged — again, by Mausteller — with theft, receiving stolen property and criminal mischief after allegedly stealing a gas cap from neighbor Thomas Daniel’s car and flattening one of the tires on the vehicle on April 10, according to court records.

The next day, Goodwin returned the gas cap to Daniel, who asked him why he took it. Goodwin replied he was having “an episode,” Mausteller quoted him in the affidavit.

Following his recent arraignment on all three sets of charges, Goodwin was committed to the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $30,000 bail.


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