Williamsport father accused of child abuse

A 31-year-old father has been charged with allegedly beating his 8-year-old son again and again with a belt after the boy got into some Christmas presents his parents had hid in the house a little more than two weeks before the holiday, according to city police Agent Brittany Alexander.

Nathan Davenport, of 809 Franklin St., has been charged with simple assault, terroristic threats and endangering the welfare of a child, Alexander said.

“It hurt very bad,” the boy told an investigator at a Children’s Advocacy Center earlier this year, the agent said.

The alleged abuse came to light on Dec. 9 when a school nurse disclosed that the youngster had told her that his father “hit him over and over again with his belt” for getting into presents.

In an interview with Alexander and a caseworker 10 days later, Davenport told them that “his son was ‘unmanageable,’ and that he and his wife had “used other means of discipline, but nothing has been successful. He further explained that his son had found Christmas presents that he and his wife had bought and wrapped,” the agent said in an affidavit.

“It occurred on several occasions in which the son took the presents, opened them and played with them. Davenport received a message from his wife about the son getting into (more) presents again, and when he got home from work that night, he went to his son’s room and told him he had ruined Christmas for himself,” Alexander said.

Davenport went on to tell the investigators that he saw the boy “in possession of other Christmas presents so he removed his belt and struck him three or four times,” Alexander said.

In her affidavit, Alexander said “the son told investigators that his father used the metal part and straight part of the belt and hit him with it very hard. The boy said he sustained a purple mark on his arm, and he recalled his father hitting him on the leg and butt as well.”

The son said “his mother was sleeping and was not aware of what had happened until the next morning when he was kept home from school,” the agent said.

Alexander reported that the son told the school nurse that his mother “slapped him across the face” when she caught him getting into and playing with hidden gifts.

The son also reported that on one occasion during December, his father “pulled out a pocket knife and told him ‘I’m going to kill you,’ “ Alexander said.

Davenport waived his preliminary hearing before District Judge Aaron Biichle and is free on $5,000 bail.


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