Woman who fled cops at 110 mph has never had a license

Shaniece Wilson has never had a driver’s license, but here was the 26-year-old Williamsport area woman traveling 110 mph on Interstate 180 in Loyalsock Township being pursued by state police on the night of May 27, according to Trooper Garrett Shnyder.

Wilson was traveling eastbound on the interstate and exited at East Third Street, stopping her 2007 Infinity in a grassy area of the interchange about 9 p.m., Shnyder said.

It is believe that Wilson, of 5947 Lycoming Road, was driving “under the combination of alcohol and a drug or a combination of drugs to the degree that it impaired her ability to safely drive,” Shnyder said in court papers.

“Wilson admitted she had been drinking alcohol and ingesting illegal narcotics,” the trooper said.

Wilson has never had a license and the registration plate on the car did not match the make and model of the vehicle, he added.

The driver did submit a blood sample, but the results of the test have not yet been determined.

Wilson has been charged with felony fleeing police, DUI, possession of marijuana, possession of other unknown controlled substances, possession of drug paraphernalia, recklessly endangering another person, disorderly conduct and numerous summary violations. Initially jailed in the Lycoming County Prison, she is now free on $50,000 bail and has since waived her preliminary hearing.

In another DUI case, motorist Adam Heinbach, 23, of 2500 Federal Ave., faces several charges stemming from a hit-run accident that occurred on Route 220 at the Thomas Street interchange in Porter Township about 11:45 a.m. on April 10, according to Tiadaghton Valley Regional police Sgt. Brian Fiorettii.

A witness reported seeing a Chevrolet Cruze strike a guardrail, but the driver kept on going even after the car’s left front tire came off, the officer said.

There was no sign of the car when Fioretti arrived on the scene, but he followed marks in the road that were left behind by the left front wheel scraping the pavement.

The trail of marks led Fioretti to 300 block of Oliver St., where the hit-run vehicle was left abandon.

A woman in one of the homes, Amanda Marshall, told police that Heinbach was the driver at the time of the crash and that another person had already taken him to the hospital.

“Marshall said that when Heinbach came in the house, she could tell he was high. She stated that Heinbach told her he was shooting up and he thought the end of the needle was stuck in his arm,” Fioretti said in an affidavit.

During a brief interview with Fioretti at UPMC Williamsport, Heinbach asked the officer how he found out about where he was. The officer said a witness called 911 and reported the crash. The driver said he was unaware that he lost one of his front tires, the officer said. A blood test revealed that Heinbach had marijuana and fentanyl in his system at the time.

Charged with DUI, accidents involving damage to unattended property (hit-run), reckless driving and careless driving, Heinbach waived his preliminary hearing and is free on $1,500 bail.


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