Former executive assistant at city firm alleges sexual harassment by owner

A Lock Haven woman alleged a Williamsport developer made sexual advances while she worked for him during 2018 and then terminated her position when she did not return them.

Emily Camerer alleges George Hutchinson, of Hutchinson Realty, harassed her and discriminated against her, according to a civil lawsuit filed in U.S. Middle District Court here.

Camerer was his executive assistant from May 8 through Aug. 8, 2018, the suit said.

During that time, Hutchinson said he “loved her” and would set her up in a “house” to be used whenever he needed “company,” the suit said.

Camerer’s suit alleges that Hutchinson and related family run companies aided in her firing. She’s also filed complaints with the state Human Relations and U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity commissions.

A mediation has been scheduled by the court.

“We deny the allegations,” said Eric Diggan, an attorney representing Hutchinson and the Hutchinson companies.

Camerer “voluntarily quit,” according to a response to the complaint in court.


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