16 people receive sentences

Sixteen people were recently sentenced in Lycoming County Court.

Two were sentenced to state prison. They are:

• Jamal M. Brown, 41, one to three years for criminal conspiracy robbery and possession with intent to deliver.

• Christopher W. Cranmer, 40, of Muncy, 48 to 96 months for aggravated assault by vehicle.

Five were sentenced to county prison. They are:

• Michael Mummey, 44, of Montoursville, 72 hours to six months and $1,150 in fines for DUI and obedience traffic control.

• Douglas Eugene Goodwin, 29, of Williamsport, 45 to 91 days and 20 months probation for possession of a controlled substance.

• Joshua Mundrick, 37, of Danville, two days to six months and $525 in fines for DUI and stop sign violation.

• Wesley Lebegern, 24, of Williamsport, three to six days and 18 months probation for simple assault.

• Troy A. Werkheiser, 40, of Williamsport, nine to 23 months and 15 months probation for criminal use of a communications facility and theft by deception.

Two were sentenced to intermediate punishment. They are:

• Tommy L. Brock, 53, of Linden, 72 hours to six months and $1,000 fine for DUI.

• Richard E. Spaeth, 58, of Montgomery, work release and $1,000 fine for DUI.

Three were sentenced to probation. They are:

• Gage Shumbat, 27, of Williamsport, 12 months for simple assault.

• Samuel Miller Jr., 62, of Williamsport, 24 months for simple assault.

• James Holt, 63, of Williamsport, 12 months for recklessly endangering another person.

Four were fined. They are:

• Christine Kennedy, 40, of Muncy, $100 for possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Tony Elyse Sporny, 30, of Williamsport, $300 for retail theft.

• Cody Hooker, 21, of Williamsport, $100 for possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Charles R. Shuff, 24, of Howard County, Maryland, $50 for disorderly conduct.


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