Assault, drug-related charges lobbed against multiple people

Violent disturbance lands man in jail

Megan Coffman’s hands were covered with blood, as was her face and right ankle, South Williamsport Patrolman Seth Stropp wrote in an affidavit.

Borough police responded to the 2600 block of Riverside Drive about 3 p.m. on Nov. 18 and interviewed Coffman, who accused her ex-boyfriend, Craig Mutschler, of attempting to strangle her and stomping on her face with his foot.

Their relationship ended days earlier, but Mutschler, 34, of 837 Washington Blvd., came to Coffman’s home, demanding that she return his cellphone, but she told him she did not have it.

Mutschler then began “throwing things all over her bedroom. He then rummaged through her nightstand and went over to her dresser, took everything off the top and threw it on the floor,” the officer said in an affidavit.

The ex-boyfriend then took Coffman’s cellphone, and when she attempted to get it back, he “threw her to the ground, causing her to hit her head on the hardwood floor. He then stomped on her face with his foot, and blood immediately started gushing from her nose and mouth,” Stropp said.

“Mutschler then put his foot on Coffman’s neck,” causing her to have difficulty breathing, the officer alleged in his complaint. When she told Mutschler she couldn’t breathe, he let her go, the officer said.

Coffman ran downstairs and tried to reach the front door, but Mutschler followed her “and slammed the door shut as she was trying to open it. Coffman was yelling for help and yelling at Mutschler to let her get out of the house,” Stropp said.

Mutschler again threw the woman to the floor, the affidavit said.

“She stated that she was flailing around, trying to get away from him when he threw her on the couch. Coffman said Mutschler had his arm around her neck and she couldn’t breathe. She began choking on her own blood until he let her go,” the officer alleged.

Coffman attempted to flee the house through the back door, but Mutschler slammed it so hard that his arm went through the glass window pane, Stropp said he was told. When Mutschler left to seek medical attention at UPMC Williamsport, Coffman “locked the door and ran to a friend’s home and called 911,” the officer said.

Coffman was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Upon being discharged, Mutschler was arraigned before District Judge Aaron Biichle on charges of strangulation, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, simple assault, recklessly endangering, theft and receiving stolen property. He was committed to the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $85,000 bail.

City woman charged with assault

Robin Wiggins, 43, of 2500 Federal Ave., apartment 291, has been charged after allegedly stabbing Chas Garland with a long metal rod during a disturbance in their apartment about 10:20 p.m. on Oct. 31, city police said.

Garland suffered “a wide laceration right below the neck near his collarbone,” Patrolwoman Nikita Bonnell wrote in an affidavit.

Arraigned on a single count of simple assault, Wiggins was initially jailed, but has since been released on $15,000 bail.

Four face drug charges

Kimyatta McGuffie, 39, of 337 Mifflin Place, was charged by city police with possession of 4.9 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia in the 1000 block of Hepburn Street on Sept. 19, according to court records. A bench warrant for her arrest was expected to filed after she failed to appear for her preliminary hearing earlier this month.

Joshua Fox, 28, of 1020 Market St., has been charged by city police with possession of methamphetamines and possession of drug paraphernalia in the 100 block of Pine Street on Sept. 3. He is free on $5,000 bail.

Sahmire Teasley, 24, of 841 Wayne Ave., has been charged by the county’s Narcotics Enforcement Unit with delivery of 10 suboxone strips to an informant on Poplar Street in the city on July 27 and delivery of 1.26 grams of suspected cocaine to an informant on Walnut Street in the city on Aug. 10. Charged with an additional county of illegal use of cellphone, he was jailed in lieu of $125,000 bail.

Khalil Sanders, 30, Philadelphia, has been charged by state police with possession of marijuana on Park Place in the city on March 16. He is free on $1,500 bail.


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