Alleged theft, false reporting handled in court

Man allegedly stole police cruiser and K-9

A city man allegedly stole a city police cruiser with a K-9 police dog inside on Dec. 23, according to city police.

Christopher Dryden, 39, of Williamsport, allegedly approached the rear intercom to city hall at around 4 p.m. and told police his “father is the sun” and his “mother is the moon,” according to Officer Tyson Minier.

Dryden allegedly left camera view and Minier heard his K-9, Tacoma, barking “as he is trained to when anyone other [than] myself approaches.”

Dryden allegedly drove the vehicle off the rear ramp, Minier said, and he and Sgt. Richard Hofford chased the cruiser on foot.

Minier said he was able to wrestle the door open from Dryden. Hofford allegedly tazed Dryden and took him into custody.

According to Minier, Dryden allegedly tormented Tacoma, who Minier said was trained to protect the vehicle.

“With the male entering the vehicle, this caused Tacoma to be tormented even further and he struck his head numerous times on the cage trying to reach the occupant,” Minier said.

City police later reported Tacoma was unharmed during the incident.

Minier reported the cruiser and its contents are valued at $20,000, while Tacoma is valued at $15,000.

Dryden was arraigned by Judge Aaron Biichle for charges of theft, taunting a police dog, receiving stolen property, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and driving with a suspended license. Biichle set bail for $7,500. Unable to post bail, Dryden remains confined to Lycoming County Prison until his preliminary hearing Jan. 7.

City man charged with making false reports

City police allege a man on Baldwin Street threw ice at a neighbor’s house, then called 911 and told dispatch the neighbor threatened him with a gun.

Brandon Hipple, 28, of 1017 Baldwin St., is charged with making false reports to police at around 9:40 a.m. on Dec. 20.

Hipple allegedly told police his neighbor threatened him with a gun; however, Thomas Bortz, the investigating officer from city police, found no sign of a firearm.

Meanwhile, the neighbor, Leroy Harman, claimed Hipple threw ice chunks at his front door and a vehicle parked on the street.

“Harman was shocked and surprised when I inquired about a firearm being presented. Harman replied that he doesn’t even own firearms and that he did not come out of his house,” Bortz said.

Bortz said when he arrived on scene, he heard Hipple yelling. Additionally, Bortz said he allegedly found ice chunks

“There was no indication there was an incident to the rear of 1017 Baldwin St. and there was clear indication of ice being thrown at 1020 Baldwin St.,” Bortz said.

Furthermore, Hipple allegedly threw himself on the ground twice by intention to falsely implicate police conduct, and later attempted to seek medical evaluation for fabricated injury, Bortz said.

Hipple was arraigned before District Judge William Solomon for issuing a false alarm to public safety agencies, making a false report to law enforcement and disorderly conduct. Unable to post the $7,500 bail set by Solomon, Hipple is being held in the Lycoming County Prison until his preliminary hearing before Biichle scheduled for Jan. 7.


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