Variety of charges go before district judges in Lycoming County

Muncy man arraigned for June DUI

Richard Clark, 38, of 2696 Route 405, Muncy, allegedly had a BAC of 0.185% when his 2008 Dodge Caravan crashed in June, state police said.

Clark was argumentative with Loyalsock EMS when Trooper Logan Webb arrived on-scene at around 1 p.m. June 13, Webb said in an affidavit. Webb said Clark allegedly had a hard time maintaining his balance, and smelled strongly of alcohol.

When Webb looked inside the car, he allegedly found an opened bottle of Redd’s Wicked Black Cherry in the cupholder, and an opened box near the center console floorboard.

Clark allegedly refused sobriety tests, and screamed obscenities at the scene, Webb said.

According to Webb, security footage from a nearby business allegedly showed Clark driving the Dodge Caravan the same day about an hour prior to the crash.

Clark was arraigned by Judge Aaron Biichle, who set bail to $25,000. Unable to post, Clark will remain in the Lycoming County Prison until his preliminary hearing before Judge Gary Whiteman Jan. 25.

Police arrest man allegedly high on K2

City police allegedly received two calls in regard to Cody Auerbach, 25, of Williamsport, who allegedly kept falling down along the side of Vine Avenue.

Auerbach was allegedly lying on a concrete table unconscious when Christopher Salisbury, a city police officer, arrived to investigate.

Auerbach admitted to using K2 earlier in the evening, and that he was homeless after attending rehab.

Auerbach was arraigned by Biichle early Tuesday morning. Biichle set bail to $2,500. Unable to pay, Auerbach will remain incarcerated in the Lycoming County Prison until his preliminary hearing before Judge Christen Frey Jan. 12.

City woman arraigned on disorderly conduct, public drunkenness charges

Charmaine Davis, 30, of 434 Center St., Apt. 8, Williamsport, allegedly warranted three police visits before she was arrested on the fourth, city police said.

Davis was allegedly having a loud argument with her girlfriend Monday night when Justin Geesey, a corporal with city police, said he approached her Center Street apartment.

Davis allegedly admitted to being drunk on rum, Geesey said. Geesey said he allegedly explained to Davis there are peaceful ways to resolve issues between her and her girlfriend, and warned her that if she continued to be loud, she could be arrested.

Geesey was called a fourth time to Center Street, where he found Davis allegedly banging on doors, which alarmed nearby residents.

Geesey arrested Davis, who was later arraigned by Biichle for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Biichle set bail to $2,500 and Davis, unable to post, will remain in the Lycoming County Prison until her preliminary hearing before Frey Jan. 12.

Jersey Shore woman arraigned for alleged possession

Cadence Coleman, 25, of 208 Stover St., allegedly had bath salts, marijuana and LSD in her home when Tiadaghton Valley Police knocked on her door in response to noise complaints.

Coleman was allegedly playing loud rap music that could be heard halfway down her block the night of Oct. 3, Cody Smith, an officer with the Tiadaghton Valley Police Department said.

Smith said when she opened the door, he allegedly smelled burnt marijuana coming from inside the home. Coleman allegedly consented to a search of the home, and said her friend was smoking marijuana inside.

When police searched the home, they found a brownish granular substance they believed to be bath salts. Additionally, they found marijuana buds and marijuana wax, accompanied with paraphernalia such as scales, packaging material, smoking devices and containers.

Finally, the officers found small white paper wrapped in aluminum foil containing what they suspected was Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, commonly known as LSD.

Coleman was sent a summons to face charges related to the prohibited acts of possessing the drugs, as well as disorderly conduct for playing loud rap music. Her preliminary hearing was scheduled for Dec. 23, and she was formally arraigned by President Judge Nancy Butts Dec. 28. She was released on $5,000 bail during that time.

Jersey Shore woman arraigned on DUI charges

Misty Harrow, 35, of 2140 Pine Woods Road, appeared before Judge Jerry Lepley for a preliminary hearing Dec. 30 in response to charges related to driving under the influence July 12.

Harrow allegedly drove her Buick SUV home from Rauchtown Inn with a BAC of 0.13, according to state police.

Harrow got into an argument with her husband, who called the police, Trooper Paul Beard said.

When Beard arrived at the Pine Woods Road residency, he said Harrow smelled of alcohol and had glassy and bloodshot eyes.

Harrow was sent a summons to appear before Lepley, who released her on $1,500 bail. Harrow is scheduled to have a formal arraignment before Butts Jan. 25.

Jersey Shore woman allegedly neglected animals

Jessica Hughes, 35, of 1316 Allegheny St., Apt. 2, allegedly neglected and was cruel to her cat, an employee of the Lycoming County SPCA said.

Hughes allegedly left a cat in an apartment she was being evicted from in early November.

According to a neighbor, Hughes was last seen entering the apartment Oct. 30, and Hughes’ landlord posted a 24-hour eviction notice Nov. 5, according to Betsy Sparling, from the county’s SPCA.

When the landlord entered the apartment, he allegedly found a cat still residing there alone, amid garbage and feces.


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