Man jailed for allegedly beating, stabbing former housemate

Steven Williams, 43, of the Lycoming County Prison, allegedly recorded himself beating a former housemate with a curtain rod and stabbing her in the foot with a steak knife back in November or December, according to the Lycoming County District Attorney’s office.

The victim allegedly gained access to the video recording of the incident through a Google account Williams had shared with her. She downloaded the video and showed it to detectives Feb. 10, according to Loretta Clark, a detective with the district attorney’s office.

The video allegedly showed Williams beating the victim while she lay on the ground in the kitchen of their shared residence at 325 Market St. Apt. 9 in the city.

Williams allegedly beat her with a curtain rod and caused a laceration under her eye, while he also stabbed her in the foot with a steak knife, according to Clark.

Clark said she allegedly observed scars of those injuries during the interviews.

The morning of the incident, Williams allegedly threw the victim’s cellphone against the wall and pulled her by her hair into the kitchen “because it was quieter in there,” Clark said the victim told her.

Williams allegedly pushed her onto the floor and told her not to move.

“Before the day’s out, you’re going to pay for some of that (expletive) you did,” Williams allegedly told the victim, according to Clark. “I’m gonna kill my brother and I’m gonna kill you … Come take you to the city and murder your (expletives).”

The video allegedly detailed seven minutes of the half-hour-long abuse.

The victim allegedly told detectives that after the video, Williams threatened to pay a homeless man $1,000 to kill her.

Williams allegedly told the victim to stay and sit on the kitchen floor and not move, which she did until around 5 p.m. that evening, when she started to clean her injuries.

The victim allegedly told Williams she wanted to go to the hospital, but Williams allegedly told her she was not allowed, and that she should put liquid bandage on the wound.

The victim “stated she did as she was told, but the laceration ‘kept popping open,’ “ Clark said.

The victim was granted a protection from abuse order Jan. 30, which Williams allegedly violated hours later.

Williams is currently incarcerated in the Lycoming County Prison for contempt of the PFA and other pending charges.

District Judge Aaron Biichle arraigned Williams on charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint, terroristic threats, criminal coercion, false imprisonment, recklessly endangering another person and simple assault.

Biichle refused to set a bail for the incident and stated Williams is a “danger to the community.”

Williams will next appear in court for a formal arraignment before President Judge Nancy Butts March 8.


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