Multiple people charged with crimes in Lycoming County

Two allegedly had drugs during pullover

Two face charges related to drug possession after they were pulled over on South Route 220 on Jan. 14.

Morgan Young, 20, of 3665 Lycoming Creek Road in Cogan Station, and Jasce Newman, 37, of 48 Harley Drive, Lock Haven, allegedly had methamphetamine in the backseat of a car driven by an acquaintance, according to Tiadaghton Valley Police.

The Dodge pickup truck the two were riding in allegedly had a smashed up front, and was subsequently pulled over after the driver looked away from police driving by, according to Tyler Bierly, a Tiadaghton Valley Police Officer.

Bierly characterized the occupants of the vehicle as evasive and showing signs of guilt in the affidavit attach to both Young and Newman’s cases.

Bierly had Newman exit the vehicle because he had a warrant due to a Protection From Abuse order violation, and subsequently searched him.

In his pocket, Newman allegedly had a cellophane wrapper with clear or white residue in it, and allegedly admitted it was meth to Bierly.

Bierly then conducted a consented search on the vehicle they were riding in, and allegedly saw a container that could have been used to store narcotics as well as a meth pipe.

Additionally, Bierly allegedly found a butane lighter and an ibuprofen bottle with a small crystal substance. Bierly said the group allegedly tried to hide the items behind the seat where Newman had sat.

Meanwhile, Young allegedly had two plastic bags containing methamphetamine alongside a blue meth pipe, alongside another silicone container with meth inside it.

Lepley sent summons to both to answer for separate charges: Young, on charges of possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia, and Newman on charges of possession of methamphetamine, possession of bath salts and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Lepley released Young on $7,500 bail. Both Newman and Young will appear before President Judge Nancy Butts March 8.

Jersey Shore man allegedly assaulted son

Daniel Fox, 33, of 409 Baer Street, allegedly punched his son in the face when picking him up from a friend’s hose, according to Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police.

Fox allegedly arrived at the Maple Street home to pick his son up at around 8 p.m. July 28, 2020. When the alleged victim went to go get his belongings, Fox allegedly punched him in the face, and later threw him to the ground and continued punching him, according to Jordan Mahosky, a Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police officer.

A resident of the Maple Street home allegedly had to break the fight up.

Later, Fox realized the alleged victim’s ear was bleeding and took him to the Geisinger Hospital in Jersey Shore. Before he took him inside, Fox allegedly told the victim to tell the staff he got in a fight with a friend, according to Mahosky.

Medical records from the hospital show the alleged victim suffered a laceration to the right ear which required three stitches. Additionally, the alleged victim had a right orbital fracture and multiple contusions.

District Judge Jerry Lepley sent Fox a summons to answer for simple assault and harassment. Fox is scheduled to appear before Lepley Feb. 24.

Ulster man allegedly stole electronics

Kory Sponhiemer, 33, of Ulster, allegedly stole several items from a Jersey Shore residence last month, according to Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police.

The alleged stolen items included a limited edition Xbox One, game controllers, around 50 DVDs, an RCA Sound Bar, three Amazon Echo devices, Xfinity cords and a lock box, according to Justin Segura, a Tiadaghton Valley Regional police officer.

Segura said the landlord allegedly spoke with a suspicious male at the Staver Street residence on Jan. 15 who allegedly said his name was Korben and was helping the resident move.

However, the landlord allegedly noticed the man’s car was backed up to the residence without a license plate, Segura said.

When police interviewed Sponhiemer, he allegedly admitted he used the false name Korben but was not stealing from the alleged victim. Sponhiemer allegedly said he had permission to stay at the residence; however, the victim denied giving him permission.

Later, police saw messages between Sponhiemer and the alleged victim.

“I’ll give your sound bar back to the police; I’m not going anywhere near your lying face,” Sponhiemer said, according to Segura.

A friend of both Sponhiemer and the victim allegedly told police Sponhiemer admitted to having the victim’s Xbox and soundbar, and that he saw the soundbar at Sponhiemer’s house.

District Judge Jerry Lepley arraigned Sponhiemer for burglary, criminal trespass, theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property.

Lepley set bail to $25,000, and unable to post, Sponhiemer will remain in the Lycoming County Prison until his formal arraignment March 1 before Judge Marc Lovecchio.

Woman allegedly clipped copper wires off railroad tracks

A Trout Run woman allegedly cut copper wire off railroad tracks that could have potentially caused a train wreck of a catastrophe, Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police said.

Jennifer Dawes, 45, of 37 Myers Road, Trout Run, allegedly removed 54 wires valued at around $350, which caused damages of around $3,000, according to Jordan Mahosky, a Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police officer.

“The railroad employee said that the cutting of those wires could lead to a possible train derailment among other safety hazards with the railroad system,” Mahosky said.

North Shore Railroad employees allegedly saw wires at the Cement Drive railroad crossing being cut on video footage Jan. 22, according to Mahosky.

While Dawes and another individual were walking away, the lights began flashing.

An employee said once one of the ground wires are cut, the lights will activate, according to Mahosky.

On Jan. 28, Mahoskey saw two individuals walked who allegedly matched the description of the people captured on video by North Shore Railroad: Dawes, and an acquaintance Brian Murray.

Murray allegedly told Mahosky they only had clothes, but after Mahosky detained them both, she executed a search warrant on the three bags they carried.

In a backpack Dawes allegedly had, Mahosky allegedly found two wire-cutting pliers, tan leather gloves and small strands of copper wire that matched wire sampling given by railroad employees.

District Judge Gary Whiteman arraigned Dawes on charges of causing or risking catastrophe, theft of a secondary metal, theft, receiving stolen property, possessing instruments of crime, railroad vandalism and criminal trespass.

Whiteman initially set bail to $15,000 during the arraignment, however during Dawes’ preliminary hearing before District Judge Jerry Lepley, he released Dawes on bail of that same amount. Dawes will next appear before President Judge Nancy Butts Feb. 22 for a formal arraignment.


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