Multiple people face charges in Lycoming County

City woman allegedly under-rang around $200 of items in January

Ashayla Minus, 25, of 1678 Taylor Place, allegedly under-rang $206.34 worth of items from the Weis Markets checkout between Jan. 18 and Jan. 25, according to Old Lycoming Township police.

Police were able to allegedly trace the incident to Minus because she allegedly used her Weis Shopping Club Card for the parts of the purchase she did pay for, according to Dalton Lovell, an Old Lycoming Township Police officer.

District Judge William Solomon sent Minus a summons to appear before court to answer for retail theft.

Man sent summons for driving with suspended license

District Judge William Solomon sent Robert Smith, 55, of 816 Locust St., a summons to appear before him Feb. 10 for driving a Chevy Equinox with a suspended license Jan. 6. Solomon released him on $1,500 bail until his formal arraignment before Marc Lovecchio March 1.

Old Lycoming woman allegedly rolled car over while drunk

Kim Transeau, 54, of 365 Valley St., allegedly rolled her vehicle over at the 2000 block of Lycoming Creed Road while under the influence of alcohol Dec. 21, according to Old Lycoming Township Police.

Transeau allegedly swayed back and forth, slurred her speech, had glossy eyes and smelled of alcohol when Shyanne McKivison, an Old Lycoming Township Police officer, interviewed her.

Transeau allegedly told McKivison she had “a few [drinks] earlier.” Later, McKivison allegedly saw multiple beer cans and glass alcoholic bottles throughout the vehicle.

Transeau allegedly refused to submit to a blood test and told McKivison she wanted to make the officer’s job harder.

“Yeah, I just wanted to let you know I have been sick in bed for 2 days so you might want to watch out so you don’t get COVID,” Transeau allegedly told McKivison.

District Judge William Solomon sent Transeau a summons to answer for DUI, driving under a suspended license and driving without a license.

Old Lyco trio allegedly stole, under rang items from Weis

Three Old Lycoming women allegedly participated in an under ringing scam at the Old Lycoming Weis Markets, according to Old Lycoming police.

Kayla Miller, 31, of 2712 W. Fourth St., Kristine Spong, 55, of 1308 W. Southern Avenue and Melissa Spong, 32, of 2423 1/2 W. Fourth St., all face charges of retail theft for the incidences.

The three allegedly stole around a combined $220 during a period spanning Oct. 21-Dec. 7, according to Dalton Lovell, an Old Lycoming Township police officer.

Kristine Spong allegedly under rung $62.55 worth of items, Melissa Spong allegedly under rung $130.11 worth of items and Miller allegedly under rung $36.06 worth of items, according to Lovell.

The three typically ran separate transactions during which the under rung items, Lovell said.

“Sometimes we don’t scan a couple of things,” Melissa Spong said. “We have our own transactions.”

Additionally, on Dec. 24 Melissa Spong allegedly hid a three-inch GC paring knife and an HOL Wine Tumbler in her backpack valued at $26.50.

“I took two items purposefully,” Melissa Spong said. “I took them because of Christmas and I had no money.”

Spong allegedly intended to give the items as gifts.

Kristine Spong, Melissa Spong and Miller’s mother, allegedly under rung a half gallon of milk Dec. 24. When confronted by police over the alleged approximate amount of $220 or more, Kristine Spong said “I’ve done it but didn’t think it was that much,” and said she had only been doing it a few months.

“Stupidity got me doing it,” Kristine Spong allegedly said.

When police confronted Miller with an alleged theft of $36.06 worth of items, Miller allegedly admitted she “shamefully accept any and all responsibility,” for her actions.

District Judge William Solomon arraigned all three on charges of retail theft related to under ringing and taking items. He released the codefendants on $15,000 bail, who are scheduled to appear before Marc Lovecchio for a preliminary arraignment March 1.

Woman arraigned for public drunkenness, resisting arrest

Chy-ann McCormick, 47, of 1966 Yale Ave., allegedly stood outside the Loyalsock Township Sheetz drinking a Four Loko and yelling at passersby at 11 p.m. Feb. 9, according to state police.

McCormick allegedly pulled away from officers and continued to yell profanities after Trooper Logan Webb told her to stop, Webb wrote in an affidavit.

“While in custody, McCormick made statements about harming law enforcement, and statements such as ‘you’ll be the first to go,'” Webb wrote.

McCormick allegedly caused another disturbance in the evening at the Econolodge at around 9:30 p.m. earlier in the evening. Other state troopers allegedly told her to stop causing a disturbance and to stay in her hotel room.

District Judge Gary Whiteman arraigned McCormick on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and public drunkenness.

City man arraigned on paraphernalia, other charges

Ryan Krantz, 32, of 1709 Becht Road, allegedly had numerous digital scales, an unknown white and brown powder, glass smoking devices and a large amount of money in his bedroom when state police executed a consented search on his house the afternoon of Aug. 16, 2020.

Police charged Krantz with aggravated assault, simple assault and making terroristic threats, and were in the process of seizing firearms and ammunition when they allegedly found the paraphernalia and drugs in the room, according to Nathan Birth, a state trooper.

State police allegedly found three separate glass smoking devices, $5,355, a black metal grinder with marijuana residue, six large “herbal gifts” containing a white or brown powdery substance, three digital scales, a pocket knife with white powder residue on the blade, one clear plastic bag containing around 1.5 grams of white powdery substance, one silver “chill pill” package, one small black “herbal gifts” package.

Additionally, white and brown power residue was found all over the wooden dresser the scales were found on top of.

A state police forensics lab determined the room contained 1.4 grams of fentanyl, as well as “vegetable matter,” which Birth believes is Kratom.

A total of $11,756 was seized from Krantz’s home and vehicle, and because of the proximity of the cash to the paraphernalia and drugs, Birth believes Krantz was manufacturing and delivering the substances.

District Judge Gary Whiteman arraigned Krantz on charges of possession with intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.


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