Multiple people face charges in Lycoming County

New York man removed from Genetti for alleged public drunkenness

Christian Kinney, 32, of Sherman, New York, allegedly caused a public disturbance by refusing to leave the Genetti hotel while intoxicated the evening of Feb. 13, according to city police.

Kinney allegedly appeared to be heavily intoxicated and allegedly smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage when police confronted him at around 10:10 p.m. according to Thad Trafford, a city police officer.

“Kinney was observed causing a large public inconvenience and using obscene language towards several people who were trying to calm him down,” Trafford wrote in the affidavit.

Trafford said in the affidavit that the Genetti’s general manager ordered Kinney to leave multiple times, however Kinney refused to leave the property. Another Genetti staff member said Kinney allegedly shoved him after being asked to leave.

After police placed Kinney in handcuffs and took into custody without incident, Trafford allegedly offered to take Kinney to another hotel. Kinney allegedly insisted he instead go to prison.

District Judge John Kemp arraigned Kinney on charges of defiant trespass, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. Kemp released Kinney on $25,000 bail until his preliminary hearing before District Judge Aaron Biichle Feb. 25.

Elkins Park man allegedly held AK-47 while banned from handling weapons

Saeed McCrae, 24, of Elkins Park allegedly handled an AK-47 on Feb. 10 while a previous conviction barred him from handling a firearm, according to state police.

A state trooper observed a man he knew to be involved in “narcotic and local gang activity” with two other men purchasing a drum magazine for an AK-47.

Afterward, they traveled to a red Chevy Blazer and retrieved an AK-47 pistol from a box, while several people in the group handled it — including McCrae.

The trooper said the driver of the vehicle was stopped for speeding, and three loaded firearms were found inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle, the trooper said.

“None of the males could relate any knowledge about the firearm accessory they were attempting to purchase,” the trooper wrote in the affidavit.

District Judge William Solomon released McCrae on $25,000 bail in response to a single charge of handling a firearm while a previous conviction prevented him from doing so. McCrae is scheduled for a preliminary hearing before District Judge Aaron Biichle Feb. 25.

City man arraigned on possession charges

Adam Heinbach, 24, of 2500 Federal Ave., Apartment 209, allegedly drove someone to a marijuana deal back in April of last year, according to city police.

Heinbach was driving a Silver Chevrolet sedan with a passenger in the front seat without headlights on the 600 block of Court Street at around 10 p.m. April 8, according to Andrew Stevens, a city police officer.

Just minutes before, Stevens allegedly saw a man run away from the car who he believed was attempting to buy or sell drugs.

Stevens interviewed Heinbach at around 301 Court Street, who allegedly was shaken and very nervous.

Heinbach allegedly could not provide a reason he was on the 600 block of Court Street other than he was giving the passenger a ride. The passenger, on the other hand, allegedly told Stevens he was there to meet a man to purchase marijuana.

After Stevens removed Heinbach from the vehicle, Heinbach allegedly tried to discard two red waxen envelopes each containing a powdery substance Stevens believed was heroin or fentanyl.

Additionally, Stevens said he allegedly found an orange syringe cap in the pocket of the driver door, in addition to a waxen envelope. Finally, Stevens allegedly found a waxen heroin bag in Heinbach’s right coat pocket.

District Judge Aaron Biichle sent Heinbach a summons for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and not having headlights turned on.

Biichle released him on $5,000 bail until his formal arraignment before President Judge Nancy Butts Feb. 22.

City man allegedly claimed lost bicycle as his own

Dorian Branch, 41, of 707 Hepburn St., allegedly took a bike home he watched fall off a moving car and did not return it to its owner last April.

Branch allegedly saw the bike fall off its owners’ car, and took it into his possession, according to Andrew Stevens, a city police officer.

According to Stevens, Branch allegedly watched the bike’s owner return to the area, and did not return it. Branch allegedly “could not provide a reason as to why he did not make an effort in returning it.”

Stevens allegedly found the bike around three months later when he was at 707 Hepburn St. at an incident and Branch allegedly admitted he took the bike once it fell off a moving vehicle.

The bike’s saddle bag allegedly contained a clear plastic bag with cannabis inside, according to Andrews.

District Judge Aaron Biichle arraigned Branch on charges of theft by unlawful taking, theft of property lost, receiving stolen property possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Biichle released Branch on $5,000 bail, and Branch is scheduled to appear before President Judge Nancy Butts Feb. 22 for a formal arraignment.

City woman arraigned for DUI

Charmaine Davis, 30, of 434 Center Street, Apt. 8, allegedly crashed her 2009 Nissan Altima into a parked car on Washington Boulevard while under the influence back in December.

There was an unopened can of Budweiser on the passenger floorboard in plain view and an open bottle of 1800 Silver tequila under the driver seat, according to Brett Garbrick, a city police officer.

Garbrick said Davis allegedly has a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on her breath, and that she had bloodshot and glassy eyes. She allegedly swayed back and forth as Garbrick spoke to her, and admitted she had “a couple” alcoholic beverages earlier in the night.

Additionally, Davis allegedly did not have a valid drivers’ license.

Davis allegedly refused EMS treatment while exhibiting signs of impairment during a sobriety test, according Garbrick. Additionally, Davis allegedly refused chemical testing at UPMC Williamsport.

“While at UPMC and without being requested to, Davis stated that she knew she did wrong tonight and that she was just going to plead guilty and pay the fine,” Garbrick said.

District Judge Aaron Biichle sent Davis a summons to answer for DUI, careless driving and driving without a license. Biichle released her on $5,000 bail, and she is scheduled to appear before President Judge Nancy Butts Feb. 22 for a formal arraignment.


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