South Side man allegedly harmed 3-month old

William Masser, 30, of 656 US Highway 15, allegedly harmed his three-month-old child “due to her being fussy,” according to state police.

The female baby allegedly had bruises and red marks on her head, hands and feet, according to her pediatrician who reported and documented the injuries during a checkup Nov. 17, Sara Barrett, a state police trooper, said.

Additionally, there was a mark on the back of her left wrist in an “irregular shape,” a red mark resembling blisters on her left palm under her middle finger and another on her left thumb in a “U” shape. Finally, there was a red mark on he sole of her left foot.

During a Dec. 4 checkup with a doctor from the Child Advocacy Center in Sunbury, the doctor said he had concerns these were signs of non-accidental trauma.

The doctor said children at the victim’s age do not bruise, and said this case was labeled as “non-accidental trauma.”

Barrett said she determined the alleged victim had been under the care of William Masser Nov. 13 through Nov. 17.

During that time, the alleged victim had become “increasingly fussy” due to issues with her formula, according to Barrett.

“Throughout that weekend, Masser caused injury to the victim due to her being fussy,” Barrett said.

Masser allegedly said the injury on the victim’s foot came from his nail when he was changing her diaper.

“Masser admitted that he has had thoughts of harming [the victim] by squeezing her to make her stop fussing,” Barrett said.

District Judge William Solomon arraigned Masser on charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment and endangering the welfare of children.

Solomon released Masser on bail of $99,000 until the preliminary hearing March 3.


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