18 sentenced for various crimes in court

The Lycoming County Court recently sentenced 18 people:

State prison

Bradley Paul Christman, 60, of Williamsport, three to six months and $1,225 fine for DUI, careless driving and driving without a license.

County prison:

Anthony J. Whitcraft, 36, of Danville, 65 days to six months and $800 fine for DUI and driving under suspension

William Marshall, 28, of Jersey Shore, 10-22 months and two months probation for possession with intent to distribute meth

Ryan J. Kranz, 32, of Williamsport, 30-60 days, 58 days probation for possession of an instrument of crime, terroristic threats, recklessly endangering another person, possession of a controlled concept, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest

Electronic Monitoring:

Michael John Swartz, 50, of Montoursville, 14 days for DUI


Steven Vincent Rockwell, 35, of Williamsport, six months and $300 fine for DUI

Nikita R. Valencia, 33, of Williamsport, one year for making a false report

Chistopher Dryden, 40, of Philadelphia, 24 months probation for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and unauthorized use

Timothy Coten James, 22, of Mill Hall, three months probation and $255 fine for carrying a firearm without a license, driving under suspension and speeding

Randy Joe Rinehart, 50, 18 months for disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, theft

Ashley Ruggiers, 34, of Mill Hall, two years for retail theft

Cory Mcmahon, 30, of South Williamsport, 20 months for possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia

James Andrew Schronick, 47, of Reading, six months probation and $325 for DUI, careless driving

James L. Shekels, 51, of Williamsport, 24 months probation for criminal use of a communication facility


Dorian Brach, 42, of Williamsport, $100 fine for possession of a small amount of marijuana and disorderly conduct

Clarence Ulmer, 54, of Williamsport, $300 fine for disorderly conduct

Susan C. Thomas, 34, of Jersey Shore, $150 fine for possession of meth

Melissa Renee Spitler, 48, $25 fine for possession of drug paraphernalia


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