Montgomery man gets state prison for photographing child in bathroom

A county judge sentenced a Montgomery man to state prison earlier this week for using his cell phone to take photos of a 13-year-old girl when she was using the bathroom.

Wayne Benson, 44, of Montgomery, will serve 16-32 months in state prison with a consecutive three years of probation tacked on afterward.

In June earlier this year, Benson was convicted of sexual abuse of children, possessing child pornography, criminal use of a communication facility, creating obscene material depicting a minor and invasion of privacy in relation to the 2020 incident.

The man linked his cell phone to his Apple watch and hid the cellphone in the bathroom, and proceeded to take 17 photos in quick succession while the child was in the bathroom.

During the impact statements, the victim said Benson traumatized her, betrayed her trust and ruined her personal relationships.

“He wasn’t mature enough to take responsibility,” the victim said.

Benson’s family described him as a man who put others before himself and never tended to his emotional needs because he did not think he was worthy. They said Benson has spent the past year coming out of his shell and learning to value himself.

“There has been no apology; no responsibility,” Kirsten Gardner, who prosecuted the case, said. “He’s not the victim. She is.”

Lycoming County Judge Ryan Tira said although he recognizes Benson’s mental health situation, what he did “was a separate and intentional act.”


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