Zoning change on agenda in Clinton County

MILL HALL — A request to rezone 103 acres of land in Bald Eagle Township is on the agenda prior to Monday night’s Bald Eagle Township Supervisors meeting.

The land is located behind Walmart and other stores along Hogan Boulevard and owned by Louis Winner Jr. It’s broken up into three plots, each zoned as agriculture.

The supervisors — Chairman Tuff Rine Jr., Kenny McGhee Jr. and Steve Tasselli — were petitioned by a possible buyer, Liberty Group LLC, to rezone the plots as open space recreation.

The possible sale of the property has been in the works since September 2019 when the supervisors were first approached.

Tasselli said back in September that he and his fellow supervisors are open to the sale.

“We’re looking into it… we’re open minded,” he said.

What Liberty Group LLC has planned for the property is unknown. Attempts to reach officials at their office in Williamsport were unsuccessful.


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