Compu-Gen expands investment in area

For about 20 years, Compu-Gen, a local technology company, has been invested in Williamsport and its upcoming expansion isn’t going to change that.

“We started in Williamsport and we like the growth we’re seeing here. We want to be a part of that positive growth,” said Vic Borgess, Compu-Gen president.

Compu-Gen provides security and technology services to its customers, as well as IT support.

This is a wide net it can cast over a company, providing access control, surveillance and alarm systems; consulting with customers to determine their needs and educating them on how to use everything.

In recent years, Compu-Gen has invested a lot in its own technology and the services it provides, like more cloud solutions and manage solutions for its customers.

“We’ve sort of taken our own medicine. We’ve perfected a lot of the processes and practices that we do internally, as well as what we offer to our customers,” Borgess said.

This is what has led to what Borgess called the company’s growth mode.

Compu-Gen plans to practically double the size of its staff and will be moving into a larger facility in Williamsport during the first quarter of 2016.

“The growth in Williamsport looks very positive, with the Liberty Arena going in on this part of town and Community Health and Dental, as well as Farrington Place and Marrones expanding,” Borgess said. “We see a lot of good things happening in this town.”

As a full blown security company, Compu-Gen wraps itself around its customers completely so they can rely on the Williamsport business for many of their security and technology needs.

This also means there needs to be trust between Compu-Gen and its customers. That’s why every employee signs a confidentiality agreement.

“Confidentiality is one of the most important things we provide our customers. We get the inner workings of their business,” Borgess said. People are very wary today about sharing their information. Our mission is to ‘Advise Protect and Enhance.'”

The president said Compu-Gen helps to protect customers from security breaches and fraud risks, along with providing physical security of alarms systems and access control.

The staff is very friendly, which Borgess attributes to high morale.

“It’s very important for us as a company for everyone here to be pretty happy with their jobs and in general, because it equates to great customer service and easy going staff to work with,” he said.

That unique customer service, he said, is what helps set Compu-Gen apart from other tech companies.

Among its customers, the tech business works with a number of nonprofits and charities.

“We provide a discount for our services to them and we try to stay pretty active with the them. We so appreciate what they do for our community here,” he said.


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