Data Papers: Serving the East Coast for four decades

For over 40 years, Data Papers, Inc has been serving the East Coast with their printing services from their printing plant in Muncy and their sales distribution center in Williamsport. Though many companies in this business have struggled to stay in the game during the computer age, Data Papers has been able to combat these difficulties to continue to provide for their customers.

Data Papers, Inc. has two branches of over 120 employees, their printing center, 468 Industrial Park Road, Muncy and KBF Print Technology, 227 Academy St. By having two locations they are able to do the designing and paper printing as well as sell their products and print promotional matierals to companies. Unlike at the Muncy building, KBF is able to print logos on apparel, bags, coffee mugs and other similar items.

Beyond a 50 mile radius of the area, they will work with other sales distributors that are independently owned that are located from Maine all the way south to Florida, explained Jerry Wertz, president and CEO since 2005. They have national accounts with Staples and Save the Children Federation whom they will print coupons, promotional material and letters for.

Eleven years ago the business was seeing some turmoil due to the fact that their main product was business forms. Customers were printing their own forms rather than ordering them from Data Papers.

To turn this around, the company had to make some decisions that required them to diversify their work.

Wertz explained that they now print 150 million checks per year and personalized cards for marketing and advertising companies. They have a design and pre-press department that allows them to create logos and designs that they can print for Data Papers and KBF customers.

They also have the capabilities to do online campaigns, send notices and create personal URLs. A personal URL or pURL is a personalized web page that a host company creates to directly engage the recipient. Wertz explained that these can be used for the user to answer questions, receive information, donate or sign up for a newsletter for the company’s marketing purposes.

Something new that they have added to their repertoire is called fulfillment. Wertz described that banks need deposit bags, checks, pens and deposit slips in order to function properly.

Items that Data Papers are not able to make like deposit bags or pens, they purchase from other distributors then have the logos printed on them at the printing plant. From then they will ship out boxes of these items to the banks each week.

“It’s a one-stop shop,” he said. “They don’t have to order from six different areas, they can just order from us.”

A phrase that the company has adopted into their company culture is “do the right thing.”

“Do the right thing means to be honest and fair with your employees and customers,” Wertz said. “If we make a mistake, we have to fess up.”

They also believe that they should do the right thing for the environment as well. They have been Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified for the past 8 years. This approval means that they only purchase paper from environmentally friendly mills.

To get the certification it costs $10,000, then each year there is a re-audit that costs $3,000. Though there is a cost, they see it as a way that they can do what is best for the earth.

Giving back to the community is something very near to Wertz’s heart.

“This year we donated $25,000 to over 28 local originations such as hospitals and non-profits,” he said. He believes that this is one way that they can make the community a better place.

Since they are the longest running printing business in the area, many of their employees have been working there for 25 years. With a staff that has an abundant knowledge of their line of work, they are able to do their jobs well and still be able to develop innovative and uniquely meaningful ideas, according to Wertz.

They are working on expanding their line of work by specializing in two vertical markets which will be made public this summer. A vertical market is when a company offers services to a specific trade like wastepaper baskets for example.

Until then Data Papers, Inc. plans to continue to serve their customers and print quality materials with the same “do the right thing” mindset that has gotten them to the place they are at today.