Tory Leather: 40 years of excellence

Tory Leather has been manufacturing and distributing equestrian equipment and other leather goods for the past 40 years.

“We make everything that goes on the horse except for saddles,” said Ron Cimini, owner and CEO.

This includes reigns, bridles, girths and Western and English tack, he said. The company also makes belts, dog collars, handbags and accessories, he said.

Cimini said that he prides his company on their American-made goods and environmentally-friendly, quality leather products.

The leather is tanned using natural ingredients which results in a more durable, soft and pliable leather, he said.

“We are a brand of quality and use the best leather,” he said. “If you want a quality product you have to pay the price.”

The process begins with the purchasing of finished leather from a tannery then it is taken to his Amish employees manufacture the goods, he said.

“This is a third generation Amish family who have a tremendous work ethic,” said Cimini. Employees of Tory Leather go to pick up the goods so the family can stay in their own community.

The goods are brought to the distribution plant where silver trim and buckles are added then the final products are tagged and stamped with the Tory Leather logo, he said.

Over the company’s 40 year lifespan, he said that he listened to what the customers wanted and grew his inventory from there.

“We have had to reinvent ourselves,” said Cimini.

He said he began just doing products for Western horses then he had people request English style as well. From there, he said, the dealers asked why he didn’t make belts or dog products so he began to produce those too.

Instead of selling the products from their headquarters, Cimini said that he works with dealers in the state and across the globe such as Canada, Japan and Europe.

He said that he plans to expand his line of small leather goods to include wallets, checkbook covers and cellphone cases.

For more information on Tory Leather, visit toryleather.com.


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