Grant Hetler and the business of experience

Grant Hetler has been in the business of making people’s lives more comfortable for over 40 years. He began his career maintaining air conditioners and heating systems at Montour Heating in 1973 at age 19. “My dad worked there as a sales engineer,” Hetler said. “He started at the bottom and worked his way up the ranks.” Like his father, Hetler rose in the company as a field service manager until the company decided to let his department go, replacing them with contractors. “I was going to retire after that,” Hetler said. “But there were so many people calling me and asking me to help them out so I bought a van and got on the road.” Hetler started his company, Fairfield Home Comfort Services, about three years ago focusing on servicing furnaces, air conditioners and heating and electrical units. “It’s all around maintenance, really,” Hetler said. “If they call me and say they need help I’ll go out and do it.” Within those three short years, business has grown faster than he ever could have imagined, he said. “I should have done it 25 years ago,” he said. “It’s changed my life and it really is worthwhile taking care of what people need done.” A big factor in the success of Hetler’s business has been his availability and his willingness to flex his time to the customers needs. “A lot of the contractors won’t go out on weekends or nights,” Hetler explained. “But I am a 24 hours, seven days a week service. If they ask ‘can you come out tonight?’ and I am available, I will.” Hetler said that his area of service is around a 50 mile radius. He’s worked as far away as Laporte and Eagles Mere, he said. Hetler said the most difficult part of the business has been the massive shift from mechanical relays to circuit boards. But to keep up with the trends of a changing field, Hetler makes sure to educate himself on the latest developments. “I will take any class on new equipment I can find that is available,” he said. “In this field, they are always updating to more modern equipment. It’s important to keep up.” A unique aspect of the business is that Hetler is the sole employee – he has been in the business for over four decades, so he trusts his own work. He works for himself because he likes to be responsible for the work he commits to, he said. “I’ll take on the job and do the work,” he explained. “I like to be responsible for the work I do.” And that dedication is a huge factor in his success. “People are always telling me I should say no to more work, and maybe I should learn to, but I enjoy helping the people that need it.”