Speeding to business success

It’s a unique business, certainly one unlike any other in this area, and Jim Cowden is hoping Accelerated Speed Dynamics, 2603 Reach Road, expands and grows to find an even bigger market.

“We fabricate speedometer testing platforms,” said Cowden, a partner in the company.

The testing platform is what the business is all about, a device comprised of various components that can be put together for vehicles to drive upon for the speed tests.

“It’s a four-pad system,” he said.

The testing platform is portable, giving it the ability to be transported to sites for the testing.

Initially, it was made by Cowden’s company for police vehicles.

“We are further developing it for the automobile industry,” he said. “Ultimately, we’d like to see car dealerships use it.”

But as Cowden noted, everything is really just getting started.

State police, he said, first came to Cowden to develop a better way of testing speedometers.

That led in 2016 to eventually launching Accelerated Speed Dynamics as part of YIS Cowden Group, owned by Cowden and his business partner, Rob Keough.

The large warehouse, formerly the site of a Bastian Tire facility, is used as a manufacturing location and for his powder coating business.

“It’s an excellent location,” he said.

Parts of the testing platform, including the rollers and bearings, are made elsewhere.

Cowden said it took a while for he and his staff to come up with the right design for the testing platforms.

“We designed this from scratch,” he said.

He doesn’t take credit for the device.

“I am more the visionary,” he said with a smile.

Overall, it’s been a challenge getting the company up and running, especially having the equipment installed for his operation and ensuring that regulations are being followed.

Now, he’s hopeful of expanding the operation.

Eventually, he’d like to add to his small workforce and perhaps run two shifts of workers.

“It’s not as if he’s not willing to try and make it happen.

“I put in some long hours right now,” he said.