Lundy Warehousing serves industry realty needs

Lundy Warehousing, 25 W. Third St., has been servicing the Williamsport area’s needs for industrial realty for many years.

“We are lessors of commercial and industrial space,” said Don Lundy, Lundy Warehousing president.

The main property, which is at the 200 block of Arch Street, has some history in the area.

“The origination of this property goes back to the mid 1800’s,” he said. “What they used to do here at this property was as they used to float the logs down the Susquehanna River, we’re at the tributary of Lycoming Creek … They used to float them back up and we used to have a planting mill over at Building 18.”

From primarily lumber, the space then became geared for the steel industry.

“Sweet Steel was the manufacturer here from the 1920s until the early 1970s … They manufactured railroad iron and angle iron,” he said.

He said the property was then owned by the Jersey Shore Steel Schultz family before his grandfather purchased the property in the 1970s.

“This is a family operation,” he said. “My grandfather bought the industry property here in the early 1970s to relocate Lundy Lumber.”

So, Lundy Lumber moved in and continued to grow to keep expanding. They decided to open the space up to more industry and allow other companies to come into the area.

“We have Your Building Center which is still here today … We have about five or six different manufacturers, distribution centers here,” Lundy said. “Williamsport Steel Containers, Universal Well Service, Frito Lay, Exeter Pipe and Supply, AT&T and a few others.”

Having industries like this available in the area provides jobs for people.

“I figure there’s between 500 and 1,000 people that went to work underneath roofs that we own,” he said.

Your Building Center, 280 Arch St., has been a long-term tenant for many years.

“One of the things we’ve done for a very long time is that regardless of what your space needs are, we can take care of it,” Lundy said. “In close family connection to Lundy Construction, anything you want, we can take care of it in-house … Lundy Construction and our operations are all in the same family.”

With larger industrial companies, some of them need specific specializations built in the spaces they use. Their construction company is able to provide custom needs for their tenants.

“Right now, we’ve got a job going on,” he said. “Dave Hertwig and Charles Imbro set up a brewery. All they had to do was sign a lease, and we’ll take care of the rest … We’re going to build a brewery for them.”

The new brewery, called the New Trail Brewing Co., will be located along Arch Street once construction is complete.

“We have to be very thankful for the natural gas industry these days,” Lundy said. “We’re more thankful to have it than not to have it … It’s an industry driven to our back door step by mother nature.”

He said he enjoys working in the Williamsport area for his business, both for what the city has to offer and for its small town feel.

“Williamsport itself, you tend to go back to things that are familiar,” he said. “You go down to a local restaurant and people know who you are. There’s a lot to say for that.”

For more information, contact Lundy Warehousing at 570-327-4541.


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