ECM Realty provides best in property management

Rental properties comprise plenty of living space for individuals and families in the city of Williamsport.

Renting out those properties are people such as Edmund Metzger, owner of ECM Realty Management, Inc., who believes in giving his best to his tenants.

Metzger leases nearly 50 properties, including nine located in the city’s historic district known as Millionaires Row where his office is located.

He’s proud of the way this area of the community has undergone a renaissance in the past twenty years, with many of the stately homes being restored.

“This area was so blighted in the ’70s and ’80s,” he said. “We helped revitalize the area.”

Many of his properties, including those in the historic district, are rented to Pennsylvania College of Technology students.

“Our motto is we partner with tenants and students,” he said. “We are one of the largest providers of off-campus housing.”

All told, Metzger provides living space for 300 tenants.

The size of the rental units vary from studio apartments to ten-bedroom residences.

Metzger might well have been destined from a young age to be involved in real estate management.

As a youth, he often worked with his parents in property maintenance.

After high school, he attended Penn College and Bucknell University, where he picked up a degree in engineering.

During college, he helped put himself through school working for landlords.

He invested in real estate and eventually launched ECM Realty in 2004 located at 870 W. Fourth St., Williamsport.

He feels the city is a good place for his business and points to the surrounding neighborhood with its rich history and the downtown area.

“It’s come a long way,” he said.

He strongly believes in keeping his properties safe and in good repair.

Working in cooperation with building codes officials and police has been a key to his business.

But property management, he conceded, poses its share of challenges.

He said he’s learned to always be ready for the unexpected, especially with the problems that can occur with his rental units.

“Some things you just got to roll with,” he said.

Much of running his business simply amounts to being a responsible landlord and ensuring his housing is not presenting hazards to residents.

“I want to know my tenants are safe,” he said.

Much of his business comes through word of mouth, but also billboards and signs, and of course, social media.

Metzger said being self-employed and making time to give back to the community are what he likes about the business.

He’s involved with such organizations as the SPCA, Lycoming County Historical Society & Tabor Museum, and youth sports groups.


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