Nippenose Valley Village: Senior living, perfect setting

Nippenose Valley Village, 7190 S. Route 44, is a senior living community that is also licensed as a personal care home.

“Who wouldn’t want to live in a beautiful valley? It’s a beautiful community,” said Virla Ocker, admissions and marketing director. “The building officially had its license of January 2017 … That’s when we officially opened.”

Their motto is, “Compassion, comfort, peace of mind and loving care – this is our promise to you. Embrace a vibrant life enriched by community, personal attention and the serenity of country living.”

Ocker said they allow their residents to be as independent as they can be.

“If they need services, we’re here to help them with that. All the units are private,” she said. “They have a bathroom, they have a walk-in shower and all utilities are included except their cable and telephone. We have complimentary washer and dryers.”

They offer three common areas with fireplaces for residents to relax in lounge spaces and enjoy the atmosphere. There is also an indoor waterfall lounge that residents enjoy, and they offer WiFi for residents.

She said they like to engage residents in socialization.

“We want to keep them active in the community, bring entertainment in for them and we have a lot of groups that volunteer their services to do craft activities with them,” she said.

The community is also looking to expand with more independent opportunities.

“We will be opening up some independent living apartments. They basically will be built to suit residents, but it’ll offer independent living with the opportunity to engage in community life that’s free of responsibilities and property and utilities maintenance.”

She said the apartments will be built to suit residents’ needs.

“We’re here if they need us. We’ll provide meals, and they can partake in activities along with the residents,” she said. “But people maybe aren’t ready for a personal home setting with help of care givers and staff, so this gives them a chance to be in independent living with meals provided, if they choose just one meal or several meals.”

This will be a new offer for their community.

“It’s new and exciting for us,” she said. “Not only will we have personal care beds on our campus, but we’ll have independent living apartments.”

She said they’re well staffed with three nurses on staff.

“We have absolutely well qualified, well trained care givers as far as med-technicians and resident aids go,” she said. “We offer a wonderful dietary program as well.”

Most importantly, they try to make life as easy as possible for residents.

“It’s just nice to know that you don’t have anything to worry about. You can come here, and you can have care if you need it. You can have meals prepared for you, have your rooms cleaned and have socialization,” Ocker said. “Not to mention, wonderful porches and a beautiful view where you can sit and relax when weather is appropriate.”

She said they aim to have residents enjoy their twilight years.

“It’s nice to be able to interact with your peers who grew up the same time that you did, who have the same interests you do, and you’re all in maybe the same life situation,” she said. “If maybe you’re home alone and not able to take care of your property like you used to be, but yet, you’re able to be independent, socialize and have a good quality of life.”

For more information, visit www.nippenosevalleyvillage.com or call 570-745-2400.


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