Northeast Knee Joint Institute: Easing joint pain for those in need

Dr. Edwin Roman opened Northeast Knee Joint Institute, 60 River Ave., Williamsport after deciding there was a crying need for treating joint-related problems in the the local area.

His patients, many of them middle-aged or elderly, are those with advanced arthritis who are not eligible for surgery or can be treated without a surgical procedure.

Drawing on his years of work as a rehabilitation physician, Roman’s goal is to help people get back to their normal lifestyle.

“The longer you can keep your body parts, the better,” he said.

Since opening in December 2017, patients are reporting good results from his treatments.

As evidence, he pointed to the many people who come to him seeking treatment through word of mouth.

Therapists his patients use send back positive reports, he added.

Roman treats many people with the use of flouroscopy.

The technology can take images of the affected area and make injections, including platelet rich plasma.

Studies have shown plasma to be quite effective in regenerating cartilage and soft tissues of affected joints.

Injection of hyaluronic acid can also be employed.

The injections can be used for knees, shoulders and small joint areas.

“We also use ultrasound guided injections,” Roman said.

The treatments come down to providing the best opportunity for pain relief and a better quality of life, Joseph Costa, certified registered nurse practitioner, said.

“I think the biggest difference is that what we do is based on what is right for the individual,” he said.

Costa made it clear that the practice is not a pain clinic.

Roman said he sees more patients with knee problems than anything else.

However, shoulders, small joints and carpal tunnel problems are also treated.

Roman uses an adjustable knee brace to help those with knee problems.

“When you have arthritis of the knee, usually one side of the knee gets more worn than the other,” he said. , noting that the brace helps bring the knee into balance.

Roman said a brace helps bring the knee into balance and can significantly reduce joint pain.

Patients with any of various joint problems come to the clinic.

“We have a number of different tools in our toolbox,” Costa said.

Overall, Roman said he has been pleasantly surprised by the growth of his practice.

His philosophy is doing what’s best for the patient.

The practice accepts Medicare and most types of major insurance.

More information is at www.nkjinstitute.com.


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