J.B. Gibbons looks to past, present and future

For over 50 years, J.B. Gibbons Construction, LLC has helped build Northcentral Pennsylvania, while also continuing to look to the future.

Since its founding in 1967, J.B. Gibbons Construction, LLC has tasked themselves with providing “the best construction services available in the area,” according to Sarah Andreychik, marketing manager for The Liberty Group, which owns J.B. Gibbons Construction.

Working closely with a multitude of engineers, architects, and contractors, J.B. Gibbons is able to serve both commercial an industrial zones anywhere within Pennsylvania, extending their services throughout the entire state.

“J.B. Gibbons offers buildings that combine extraordinary aesthetic appeal with optimum functionality,” Andreychik said.

Andreychik is the marketing manager for The Liberty who, along with other businesses such as Kaos Fun Zone, owns and operates J.B. Gibbons.

The Liberty Group invests in, acquires, develops and manages commercial properties of all types including hotels, businesses and office space throughout the Williamsport area. With their businesses, the Liberty Group invests in the local community and is “proud to add an economic impact, an increased customer base, and a variety of opportunities to the Williamsport area,” according to Andreychik.

J.B. Gibbons has been a leader in the commercial building construction industry in the Lycoming County area for over 50 years.

“JB Gibbons specializes in general contracting that focuses primarily in the commercial fields of education, healthcare, retail and industrial. We pride ourselves in building a quality product that leaves our clients with a facility they are proud of for years down the road,” said Michael Bolsar, manager of J.B. Gibbons.

As commercial contractors, J.B. Gibbons have local experience that “guarantees satisfaction with any of their services,” including estimates, design builds, renovations, remodeling, repairs and full-scale construction projects, Andreychik said.

Through the broad use of their contacts, J.B. Gibbons has worked with all types of industries over the past several decades including healthcare,

education, hospitality, automotive, retail, commercial office, industrial, gas industry, sports, state and government, and ecclesiastical.

J.B. Gibbons is particularly fond of its ties to the surrounding community. Many of the buildings seen in the local community have been J.B. Gibbons projects, including the Liberty Arena, the Lycoming College Recreation Center, Faxon Place, the Pennsylvania Welcome Center in Tioga County, the Carwash at Faxon, and the First Community Foundation Partnership to name a few. At any given time, J.B. Gibbons employs between 25 and 40 individuals.

“Through its business, J.B. Gibbons is proud to add an economic impact and a variety of opportunities to the local community,” said Andreychik.

While J.B. Gibbons has solidified its legacy in Lycoming County as well as the entire state of Pennsylvania, they look to build on that legacy by deepening its relationships with local organizations in order to Lycoming County and Northcentral Pennsylvania.

“JB Gibbons has been in business for over 50 years and we will continue to provide exceptional service and workmanship that our customers know and enjoy,” Bolsar said.

Andreychik explained how J.B. Gibbons always looks to innovate and aims to have an active hand in constructing the future.

“At J.B. Gibbons, they’re not only planning for the future, they’re literally building it.”


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