Lycoming Mobile Sandblasting comes to you

When it comes to stripping the finish off of a surface, there are very few ways to avoid damaging the material underneath. However, with sandblasting, the power can be adjusted to properly strip the material in a manner which prevents flash rusting for up to 72 hours.

Peter Bower of Lycoming Mobile Sandblasting said he watched an advertisement for the sandblaster and noticed the large amount of hobbyists in the area. He eventually traveled to Houston Texas, where the machines are built, to tour the company before purchasing a mobile sandblaster.

Since July 2018, Bower said he, along with his son, are open for business.

The entire sandblaster fits on a trailer, allowing for easy transportation and access to any job.

“(It’s) a diesel motor, compressor and high pressure water and sand. It’ll take the finish off anything,” he said.

Rust, grease, paint and more will come off anything from car bodies, trailers or even bridges.

“It’s really a matter of pressure changes and different media I use. So this will go up to 120 PSI and sand it’ll take a steel bridge right down to metal, or I can turn it down to 75 PSI and use a different to work on a fiberglass boat,” he said.

The medium too — or what is ejected from the nozzle — can be adjusted from sand to fine-grained glass, to find the exact amount of pressure necessary to leave the surface clean, but undamaged.

Customers like how delicate the operation can be, said Bower, who added that a large amount of his jobs are to strip the paint off of cars for being remodeled.

“It’s really surface preparation,” he said, for the application of a new finish.

Lycoming Mobile Sandblasting is able to even handle the larger jobs, as he was recently employed to strip the paint off of a 48-foot-long Lowboy.

In addition, the sandblaster can work on surfaces such as cement or cinder block, to clean off graffiti, stripes or more.

The process is eco-friendly and non-toxic, meaning the job can be completed nearly anywhere. The crew will clean the area and properly dispose of any debris that is blasted off.

Free quotes are available by contacting (570) 660-8190 or visiting them at their website at www.LycominMobileSandblasting.com.

The serviceable area is within a 150 mile radius of Williamsport, which includes Altoona, State College, Mansfield, Bloomsburg and Harrisburg.


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