Any Event builds relationships through the years

With the experience of nearly three decades and full-time employees who have worked alongside each other for 19-years, owners of Any Event Party Rental & Sales, at 820 Westminster Drive, said people travel from a 100-mile-radius to do business with them.

When Lori Johnson and Charlene Carson first started in 1991, they said the outdoor wedding trend was just catching on.

“Things were more formal,” said Carson. “People followed the rules of etiquette moreso, but now, everything and anything goes.”

Before, most people had their weddings at the hotels, like the Genetti. But soon outdoor weddings — and other events — began to take hold.

“We just knew there was a need for party rentals and that kind of thing,” she said.

Over the years, the owners said their relationships with long-time clients grew, as Any Event helped several generations of families with their wedding needs.

“We like helping those people have a lot of fun, and reducing stress,” said Johnson.

During this time, relationships with their employees grew as well, she said.

“One thing that I am most proud about this whole journey is the fact that four of our full-time employees have been with us for at least 19 years,” said Johnson. “We have people all the time tell us how wonderful it was to work with us and how wonderful our employees were.”

The face of many of Any Event’s deliveries is Jeff Thomas, supervisor.

“It’s good employees like Jeff that make sure things are correctly and safely delivered,” said Johnson.

After countless involvement in affairs of every degree, Any Event has built up its supplies in the showroom to offer potential customers a considerable amount of ideas and options.

Anyone can come in at anytime said Johnson, “No appointment needed.”

“We just help people remember every detail whether it’s something that we rent or not,” said Johnson.

In recent years, weddings have taken on a rustic trend, said Any Event owners. To facilitate this, and move with the trends, the rental store offers several decorational items such as ladders, galvanized beverage tubs, wicker chairs and more.

“We more recently have been doing a lot more pipe and drape, where we’ll go into a barn and put up draping to hide maybe part of the barn that is missing, farm equipment or sectioning buildings off,” said Carson.

Any Event Party Rental and Sales is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is closed Sundays.


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