ClearView Asset Protection working to keep places secure

HUGHESVILLE — ClearView Asset Protection, a 24/7 security company at 128 Green Valley Rd., is working to create new and cost efficient ways to insure safe and secure places for local and international gas companies and medicinal marijuanna plants.

ClearView Asset Protection was founded in 2013 by Lance Thomas, managing member and owner of the Hughesville location that opened in the beginning of 2017. The administrative office is in Bloomsburg.

The company works in different areas including with their designer in New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania, as well as dispensaries in Erie, working on dispensaries in Philadelphia, Reading Pottsville, the company is expanding and evolving as time moves past.

ClearView in Hughesville is the main building where the employees work out of. They build the equipment, train, and have an overview of the security monitors at this location.

“A majority of the supervisors and owners are in law enforcement,” said Thomas. “We have the experience. We take pride in our work.”

The company uses two different measures for security.

“We do actual electronic security which would be your cameras, access control, etc. and we do physical. That would be your guards, roaming patrol, etc.,” said Thomas.

When working with the Green Thumb Industry in Danville, ClearView helped make changes to training done at other services.

“My claim to fame for us is the Department of Health came up and checked to see if it can open up and start,” said Thomas. “We had done some very unique systems in that warehouse. They liked our systems, how we did the monitoring, what we did for access control and man traps. That is where one door has to close before another can open; we added that into all of their vaults. The Department of Health started training their inspectors on our systems.”

ClearView works with other local companies such as Alta and Chief within the gas industry. When companies put in gas pads, they have a required route to take the equipment to the desired pad. ClearView will put up security booths to insure that gas companies are taking the correct routes and they assist with incoming traffic.

There are two types of booths that ClearView has and operates.

“We have man booths where a guard actually stands in them. They will sign people in and out of the pad and they have radios and WiFi,” said Thomas. “Then we have the automated guard booths which is very unique. We are one of two companies I believe, that manufactures these automated guard booths. It does everything the guard does. It takes live video, you have to use an access control card to get through — there’s cameras taking pictures of your face when you swipe it. There’s a camera taking pictures of the vehicle and the license plate, and then it documents time.”

These automated guard booths are more cost efficient, cutting costs in just about half. It is efficient for companies who have administrative buildings in one place but work sites in others.

Because ClearView manufactures everything here, according to Thomas, they can work to keep their clients safe and to meet their specific needs.

“So, some companies don’t want or need that, they just want someone to sign people in and out, other companies want reports done,” he said. “Because we cater in so many ways, we have grown exponentially since we have started.”

ClearView comes in and meets with these companies to see what suggestions they might have to help where they are lacking and to insure ultimate safety and security for their business.

The company works towards the safety of companies not only in their security means but also with police by assisting with trespassing and other unusual incidents.

“Everybody thinks it’s just security but it’s a lot of safety that we are involved in,” said Thomas.

All of the employees at ClearView receive training from a multitude of areas including Safeguard training, CPR, and whatever else a company may require.

“The guards will get Safeguard training — training in the safety of how to react if there’s an incident that takes place on a pad,” he said. “Then we add additional training so our guards will get incident command training so they know if there’s an emergency they understand how EMS is going to respond, they understand how police is going to respond, who’s going to take charge, and basically their role in the whole event: What they need to do and how they need to assist.”

Other guards get specialty training like driving due to roaming guards having to go from pad to pad. In some cases, the guards will do CPR training, and report training so they know how to document spills or incidents and how to forward that to local police.

The hard work doesn’t go unnoticed at ClearView as they have created the “ClearView Mobile Smart Tower”. It is a durable trailer platform that provides 24/7 power that is covered in military grade solar wraps.

The tower itself is hollow on the inside and holds all of the equipment, hidden by the solar pads so no electronics or equipment is exposed and no one can get in it. In addition, there’s a radar system installed that can locate drones and it’s operator’s location.

ClearView is using this system at the Little League World Series and they are doing the security for the event due to having past issues with drones over the fields during games.

Later, the hope is to use this tower for other sporting events and with the Air Force.


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