All Round Tire Co. works to save customers money

Since 1983, All Round Tire Co. has been working with rubber to deliver the best and longest lasting solutions to tire maintenance.

Denise Alexander, David “Cork” Bower and Doug Bower, all siblings, have been through the good times and bad with each other, they said, through which they’ve gained the know-how to handle a multitude of issues.

“Between the three of us, we have more experience at this than most tire dealers around the area,” said David Bower.

As tires change and evolve through the years, so too does All Round Tire Co.

“Being here so long, when a problem comes in, we can usually troubleshoot it, just because we’ve been doing it so long,” said Alexander, who now handles bookkeeping but also once changed tires.

Aiming for customers to get the most out of their tire, the company is one of the few in the area who patches tires using a process of

vulcanization, or the hardening of rubber through heat, said David Bower.

“It’s old school but it still works and the tire is good as new when you’re done,” said Doug Bower.

Many other tire maintenance workers only plug the hole, which introduces problems of its own, he said. All Round Tire is one of the few companies in the area that effectively patches tires.

“(When) you have a hole through the steel carcass and the casing, every revolution down the road when it’s soaking wet, it’s pounding water into it. The cords start to rust and the tire comes apart,” said Doug Bower.

Vulcanization pulls the hot patch through the hole and fills that hole with rubber, thereby reinforcing the structural strength of the tire, he said.

As the prices of tires “just keep going on and on going up,” said Doug Bower, patching tires is a good solution to getting the most mileage out of them.

Customers can also expect fair prices and good service, said Alexander.

“We try to fix people’s problems, even if they didn’t buy their tires here,” she said. “We try to not charge for every little thing.”

All Round Tire carries a full line of Cooper Tires, which they said is regarded as the best, but any type of tire can be found, ordered and installed.

Additionally, the company offers free tire observation by their team, who all have over five years of experience

“We’ll try and make it safe as we can for you as a customer,” said David Bower.

All Round Tire also handles alignment, state emission tests and state inspections.

Those who are interested may call 570-398-2309, or go to their garage at 3062 Cement Hollow Road, Jersey Shore.


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