T-mobile offers free giveaways and 5G coverage

T-Mobile, located on East Third Street next to Moe’s, is the Chamber of Commerce’s newest member and they are working to leave their mark on the area with great phone services.

Richard Garnhart, store manager, and Bruce Campbell, mobile expert, spoke about everything that the business has to offer including fast service both for phones and cars, new 5G coverage and weekly giveaways.

T-Mobile offers phone services that run the same as other competitive phone services, they have tablets and even a sync-up car service that has GPS service, roadside assistance and can tell drivers what is wrong with their vehicles.

The plans that Garnhart explains are similar to other phone services but are more affordable, according to Garnhart.

“We are very competitive with our services,” Garnhart said.

He added that with the new 5G coverage, they can help cover those who live in rural areas such as Jersey Shore.

A few years prior, the greater Williamsport area did not have a lot of T-Mobile coverage, according to Campbell, but today there is a “lack of knowledge” of the services that they offer.

Campbell and Garnhart also explained that they are heavily connected to the community by sponsoring different events and parades like the Grand Slam Parade and the Little League World Series.

The two were very excited to mention their “days of service” where they get to take time during their work week to volunteer at the local soup kitchen or to take a trip to the Ronald McDonald House.

“We have a certain amount of allotted hours to go out and do community things,” Garnhart said. “We get to go out and help our community.”

The business also does “T-Mobile Tuesdays” where they have giveaways of free items or discounts for their favorite stores. Once a month, the store gives away a physical item like gloves, jackets and even kitchen utensils. Once a week, locals who are a part of their service plans have the opportunity to go to the store to redeem discounts on gas, fast food, hotel discounts and more.

Garnhart and Campbell hope that with their more affordable services, they can bring in customers to have quick face to face conversations whether it is to pay a bill, redeem giveaways or look into new devices.


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