Something for everyone at Antiques & Moore

Whether you are in the market for something vintage, refurbished, collectible or even brand new, you will likely find it at Antiques & Moore at 5828 Route 220 in Linden.

Owner Pat Koch and family bought the business from Koch’s sister-in-law several years ago, and they have been growing ever since.

A second story was added to make room for the more-than-30 vendors who rent space from Koch to sell their wares. Koch says the vendors sell everything from black powder guns to Christmas decor.

“We have a little bit of everything in here,” said Koch. One of the highlights of the store is an item that is not for sale. It is a replica of a John Deere mail carrier wagon, complete with working doors, that cannot even be found anymore.

Koch, her husband, and her children take turns manning the massive store, which looks deceptively small from the outside.

“People think it’s a little store and it’s more like a warehouse,” said Koch. The Koch family plans on opening a kitchen in the near future with cafe-style seating.

They will serve up breakfast and brunch until mid-afternoon. Having a kitchen will allow them to accept buses, notes Koch.

Koch says it’s hard to say what are among the most popular items in the store since it is always changing, but the comic books, tractor parts and $1 tool table are always a hit.

The more unique items in the store at present include a bear skin rug, elk horns and a 1900 antique leather pedal-driven sewing machine. Vintage signs, license plates and unique artwork line the walls.

There is a vendor that sells antique and vintage toys, and another that sells Native American dolls, jewelry and dreamcatchers. There are rare comic books and vintage collectibles in another space. There is also plenty of new, used and refurbished furniture. There is even a library with hundreds of books and movies — a librarian regularly comes in to organize the extensive collection.

Koch says they get customers from all over, from local college students looking for comic books to people just passing through Central Pennsylvania to vacationers. “We got a lot of new customers in this year already. We have customers that keep coming back.”

Koch says the people and the uniqueness of the business are what she enjoys the most. “I think it is neat, first of all. People like coming here because they can see different things you can’t find at Walmart or the mall,” she said.

Koch said vendors will put their items online and let people know they can come to the store for purchase, and that has brought quite a few customers in. Koch said many items are gone as quickly as they came.

“When you see something, you got to get it because it doesn’t stay,” she cautioned.

People often spend a lot of time browsing, and Koch has made it a welcoming space with coffee, cookies, electronic skill gaming machines and a flatscreen that plays old westerns. There is also plenty of seating throughout.

Adjacent to the flea market is the Starving Marvin Tack Store, a business borne out of Koch’s love of horses. She also runs a horse rescue called Appalachian Horse Help & Rescue (AHHR) in Linden, which currently houses 9 horses. The tack store has new and used saddles and other horse or large animal supplies and accessories. Koch said people will bring in items or donate original artwork to the flea market for proceeds to go to AHHR.

Koch says the business is doing really well and her family loves doing it.

“We are really proud of it,” Koch said.

Antiques & Moore/Starving Marvin Tack Store is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The store can be reached at 570-323-1099.


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