Goldsmith has 41 years of community connection

After 41 years, Marc Williams Goldsmith, located on William Street, continues to be one of the city’s finest jewelers, providing customers with classic goldsmith jewelry items and custom pieces for special occasions.

“Quality is our thing,” Marc Williams, owner said. “We try to do the finer goods.”

Williams originally started wholesaling jewelry to craft stores across the country but when the opportunity arose, he opened his own retail store right here in the city and then another in Lewisburg.

From earrings and rings, to necklaces and celebratory custom pieces, Williams’ designs are personal and well-thought out — made with the utmost value.

Each design is first drawn on paper then sculpted in wax. After that process, the goldsmithing and metal work begins to create a durable, safe and detailed piece, special for each customer.

“It could be anything,” he said.

According to Williams, he puts together a catalog of products each year and has an “extensive” web presence through their website, making it easy for locals to sift through photos and learn more about Williams, his experience, his business and his art.

On the website, there is a multitude of galleries and information in terms of engagement and wedding ring budget, galleries of different ideas for custom jewelry as well as in-depth information about their diamond selection.

Still after 41 years, Williams continues to be connected to the Williamsport and surrounding communities by not only providing quality goldsmith work and jewelry, but taking the time to donate to local businesses and organizations.

“We have been here for a long, long time,” he said.

For more information, visit their website, webgoldsmith.com.


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