Holistic Health Services focuses on all aspects

Holistic Health Center validates its name as the owner moves further into health coaching in addition to the life coaching and a multitude of massage techniques.

“As a health coach I work with people who want to get healthy and lose weight. I have people who went down to their goal weight and a normal BMI,” she said. “They feel better about themselves, mentally and physically”

Health coaching check-ins start by texting nearly everyday to weekly, then to monthly, then as needed for “maintenance”, said Renninger.

“As a life coach, I help those who feel stuck, those seeking change in their career or personal life, and those who are finding it difficult to make changes on their own” said Dianne Renninger, owner.

By walking her clients through various methods, she said the aim is to help them move into a more holistic area of wellness.

In keeping her clients accountable, Renninger said scientific studies and her own experiences have shown that having a coach is more effective than trying to achieve the same outcome by themselves.

With more than 40 years

of cumulative experience between the four massage therapists, Holistic Health Center, at 2063 Lycoming Creek Road, boasts a litany of massage techniques, including: Neuromuscular, acupressure, myofascial, reflexology and more.

Though each therapist is a generalist, each also has their specializations with Kenneth Lee, cupping; Amanda Connelly, energy work; and Rosetta Winder, deep tissue.

Together they work to target areas of discomfort and resolve them, said Renninger.

With many therapist on staff same-day appointments are usually available.

In August, Holistic Health Center is welcoming Ellen Yost, a recent graduate of McCann School of Business and Technology, said Renninger.

Yost completed her internship under the tutelage of Renninger and will now be joining the Holistic Health Center’s team.

“I mentored her, I took her under my wing, sharing things I’ve learned in the 22 years I have been doing massage” said Renninger.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, she said the Health Center has instituted several policies to keep their clients safe.

“We are putting more time between clients to completely sanitize the area, masks are required in the waiting room, and temperatures are taken,” said Renninger.

Pricing can range between $25 to more than $80 with extended sessions, and add-ons such as aroma therapy, sugar foot scrub and skin brushing.

The center sells a variety of health and wellness products, and has a receptionist for ease in making appointments, call 570-320-1770.


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