Adelphoi Village helps children, teens find forever homes

Adelphoi Foster Care and Adoption Services, located at 1965 Lycoming Creek Road, has helped children find their forever home after Father Paschal Morlino started the organization in 1971.

In the Williamsport and surrounding communities including Bradford, Tioga, Sullivan and Montour counties, Adelphoi prides itself on providing a stable of services ranging from charter schools, gender specific living arrangements, maximum security centers, sex offender treatment as well as its fostering and adoption services.

Dave Hall, program director, and Sue Kaczynski, recruiter, have combined experience of over 80 years helping children find permanent placement, independent living spaces, foster parents, all alongside their superior support from staff members.

“We have a full array of services for kids and families,” Hall said. “We want to get them to their forever family.”

Adelphoi also does “extensive” training and certifications of foster parents before children and teens are placed in homes.

According to Hall, the certification includes health care and financial checks, home safety inspections, and much more.

The entire process can take up to four months, he said.

“The kids we have may have a higher level of need,” he added.

The company also added two new foster parent trainings including trauma informed care and “coreteen” specifically for helping teenagers get out of residential or group home living services.

“Twenty-three percent of kids in care in Pennsylvania are between the ages of 16 and 20,” Kaczynski said. “A lot of them have been searching for permanency.”

She added that one in four teenagers will “age out” of foster care at the age of 18 before even getting permanency.

Adelphoi also works concurrently with the kids biological family to either prepare for permanency or finding another permanent placement through an established relationship or a foster parent.

Other programs that are utilized include independent living for teens and young adults of the ages 14 to 21 years. They will have the same concurrent care with their biological family, their case worker and other services that are provided specifically from Adelphoi including access to dental and other health care, rides to and from school, work or college as well as help with budgeting, driving lessons and room and board.

In addition to their case workers, Adelphoi created a 24-hour on-call line for any foster parents, kids, or biological family members that need their help.

“We have very high standards and very high standards of safety for children,” Hall added. “We don’t compromise those standards. We want to give them the best chance for success.”

“The culture of this office is that we are very supportive of our families,” Kaczynski said. “They have a family-like relationship with us.”

For more information or if you or someone you know is interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact Adelphoi at www.adelphoi.org.


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