Stallion diversifies to help local economy, public

A company that originally came to the area to support the oil and gas industry has continued to diversify its product range to aid the area during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Stallion, at 297 Beautys Run Road, has taken the lessons of the fast-paced and flexible technologies of the gas and oil industry and implemented them into different businesses, said Brian Brockman, operations manager in the Williamsport area.

“The oil and gas industry as a whole has become very diverse and had to adapt with the downturn in the oil and gas market as a whole,” said Brockman. “Natural gas is still going fairly well, and in our opinion is the future of clean energy.”

The company has divided itself into four distinct brands to provide services in various sectors: SIMTERY, StallionRents, StallionHauls and StaRComm.

Of those, the rental and communication branches have helped significantly through the pandemic.

StaRComm, which was started with the inception of Stallion, offers satellite and cellular communications, as well as closed circuit TV, intercom and security camera systems.

Many schools have been contacting Stallion to get quotes on providing internet sources to their students during the pandemic.

With the protection of citizens in mind, Lycoming County government has also been in contact with the service company.

“We’ve had some very interesting technology that we’ve adapted for COVID-19,” said Brockman, including a touchless kiosk, which measures people’s temperature and determines if they’re wearing a mask before they are permitted to enter.

StallionRents, which has recently undergone rebranding to focus on renting equipment to local businesses and the community, will offer an alternative to purchasing new products.

“StallionRents is going to be a segment of our business that we would like local business to potentially utilize, and residents doing DIY home improvement if they need a piece of equipment,” said Brockman.

Additionally, the mobile offices that have been used for years on the oilfields have again found use in expanding the square-footage for companies seeking social distance.

SIMTERY selling SIM cards and data.

Stallion is one of the top customers of data to Verizon and AT&T through its work in the gas and oil sector

“That has allowed us to leverage that buying power to the general consumer for less,” said Brockman. “We’re gonna see a lot of groups in that space. Everything’s connected these days, any device that’s connected via cellular, we can help save companies money.”

With all the ways Stallion is working to diversify, they will still be working in the gas and oil sector.

“We don’t think, by any way shape or form, that gas is going away,” said Brockman. “There’s a very strong presence here, especially in Williamsport, Lycoming County and in Tioga, Bradford and Susquehanna counties.”

“All these counties are going to have a lot of activity for the foreseeable future,” he added.


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