Intrada helps businesses navigate the digital world

In an ever-changing digital world, the folks at Intrada Technologies take pride in helping business navigate the sometimes murky waters of the information age.

Located at 31 Ashley Manor Drive in Muncy, Intrada Technologies is an IT network management company specializing in a handful of operations to help businesses manage a world which is becoming more digital by the day.

“More technology hasn’t made our jobs easier. Things become more and more complex,” said Intrada Technologies Project Coordinator James Haywood. “Things are more complex so it’s harder for the average users to use because they’re more complex. We have guys here that on the side and on their free time, we pay them to take extra courses because everything keeps evolving. Google changes its algorithms all the time, so we have to stay up on that.”

The base of Intrada’s business involves four services for businesses: IT and network support, web site and software development, digital marketing and cloud and hosting services.

The first of those services provides support for simple and complex business networks with everything from server management to full help desk support. Some of their work in this area is for businesses who have government contracts. It forces Intrada to make sure it is implementing the required network securities to be able to work for the government.

“You have to be able to prove you’re doing that, too,” Haywood said. “There’s not too many IT vendors in the area who are doing that.”

One of the core pieces of what Intrada does is building web sites. The work they offer differs greatly from the companies who provide web site hosting.

At Intrada, web sites are custom built for its clients, meeting every one of its needs for functionality and efficiency. From the ground up, the web sites built at Intrada are whole unique to each individual customer.

“When you go one of those web sites and build your web site there, they’re providing you with a template,” Haywood said. “Ours are not cookie-cutter.”

Digital marketing might be a bit of a misnomer in name. Intrada doesn’t sell ads or commercials. It does use technology to promote businesses.

In one such case, it has a customer whose goal was to be the top result on Google when its specific products were searched. It was a year-and-a-half-long project for Intrada to make sure that happened.

“You can spend lots of money through Google to make that happen, but that’s only one piece of it,” Haywood said. “You need to make sure you’ve created great content on your web site. You need to make sure its technically proficient. Something like Wix.com works great for individual or small businesses, but it doesn’t optimize your web site specifically to your industry. We make sure every piece of the web site fits Google’s standards and they have hundreds of standards. And that makes your web site, to Google, look awesome, and that’s how it gets pushed forward.”

And the final part of its offered services is as straightforward as it gets. If a business needs a place to store data and web sites, it has the infrastructure to do so. It even hosts web sites it didn’t build.

Intrada is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The company began in 2000 as the internet began to take off and the technological needs of businesses were changing.

Intrada even saw an uptick in business during the shutdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic as many businesses had employees working remotely. The company even was hiring workers during the pandemic, and at one point was in need of a web developer so badly it hired someone who continues to work remotely from North Dakota.

“A lot of our customers weren’t prepared for the things you need to be able to access files on the company server from home,” Haywood said. “But who really was prepared for everything that came with the pandemic?”


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