Steinbacher, Goodall and Yurchak helps the elder community

What originally started in 2003 in the garage of a Williamsport home, is now a strong elder care and estate planning law firm of over ten years, supporting Williamsport and the surrounding community’s seniors at the Steinbacher, Goodall and Yurchak offices, one located at 413 Washington Boulevard and another in State College.

“We really try to not only give clients a solid legal foundation, but also try to bridge the gap into the aging network and find what services and benefits will help them,” Julieanne Steinbacher, founding attorney at Steinbacher, Goodall and Yurchak, said.

Steinbacher added that the office works diligently to provide clients with the correct documentation, including legal Power of Attorney documents and wills for any needs that the client might have.

She added that attorneys with the firm ask three questions to help clients to help them determine their journey:

• What happens if you die?

• What happens if you don’t die but you get sick?

• What happens if you are not just sick, but you get diagnosed with Alzhiemer’s or Dementia?

“This is a really tough journey for families,” Steinbacher added.

Other services that the firm helps clients with is finding funds for nursing homes or in home nursing care.

“We service a large area,” Steinbacher added. “We aren’t just general practice lawyers. Our attempt is to both be a firm that has good legal knowledge but also is very caring and compassionate to the families we work with. It is very important to me that we help the families wherever they are at.”

Clients come to Steinbacher, Goodall and Yurchak from the surrounding areas of Williamsport and State College, but also in Philadelphia and across the state.

Steinbacher added that the firm’s employees are very active in their perspective communities including in the Law Association, YWCA, the chamber and more.

“It is really important that the attorney’s know and learn about the surrounding areas,” Steinbacher said. “Businesses have an obligation to the members of their community and we try to do that.”

“I feel very blessed to be a part of the greater Williamsport area and Lycoming County,” she continued. “…to be able to service the seniors in our area and their families. Overall, I am really lucky that I get to do what I love to do.”

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