Full speed ahead for Maseto’s Deli & Six Pack

Lisa Lusk had no sooner purchased and assumed control of Maseto’s Deli & Six Pack when the COVID-19 pandemic began, forcing the closure of restaurants and other businesses.

She could have given up, but instead put her head down and decided she was going to get through a rocky time as a first-time entrepreneur.

“It’s been a ride,” she said as she sat in the restaurant one recent afternoon.

Most of the last of the lunchroom patrons had left, and Lusk grew reflective recalling those early days of the pandemic and the rest of 2020.

“It was a struggle,” she said.

Like many restaurants, Maseto’s follows the state’s 50 percent dining capacity restrictions, but Lusk remains hopeful that the business will be fine.

In fact, she said the business has been doing well, all things considered, drawing many return customers and others.

How does she make it work?

“I’m a hard worker,” she said.

And, she she’s kept her faith and does a lot of praying.

Lusk also gets by on passion and a good employee base.

“I don’t see it as a challenge,” she said. “There’s not a day that I don’t want to come her and open up the place.”

It was long her dream to own a restaurant.

A typical day will find her at the business well before it opens, and the first customer arrives for breakfast.

She likes the brisk pace and finds it rewarding.

“I was meant to do this,” she said.

Lusk worked at Maseto’s for many years before deciding to buy the place, so she has lot of experience in the restaurant business.

In addition to managing it, she takes on many other tasks, including cooking, prep work, and waiting on tables.

She called running a restaurant, “organized chaos.”

Maseto’s menu includes sandwiches, a variety of soups, salads and plenty of daily specials.

The cheesesteaks are particularly popular with customers and in Lusk’s words, “go out the door like crazy.”

Daily specials are part of the menu as well.

Maseto’s serves breakfasts and lunches and dinners on Fridays.

“We have spaghetti dinners on Friday nights,” Lusk said.

Lusk said she likes the restaurant’s location at 2075 E. Kenwood Ave.

“We are pretty well-known in the community,” she said.

The restaurant seats up to 50 people, but with COVID restrictions keeps the numbers at no more than 25.

Two full-time and four part-time employees help make up the restaurant’s staff.

“All my employees, I love them all. They are like family,” she said.

Lusk thinks back on the early days of COVID when she was basically working alone and relying on take-out orders only to keep the business going.

She remembers the people who “pitched in.”

“The restaurant business isn’t easy anyway,” she said.

Looking back, she felt it might have just all been meant to be.

And the good news is, she got through it.

“Divine intervention,” she said.


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