Sojourner Truth Ministries serves community through faith

Sojourner Truth Ministries is an expanding nonprofit ministry in Williamsport that offers meals six days a week, an after school program for children, a space for fellowship and much more.

One of the main goals of the ministry is to offer a comfortable and safe space for everyone who walks through the door.

“Everything we do is faith based. We want to continue the work of Sojourner Truth herself. …At the foot of the cross, everyone’s equal. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is, it doesn’t matter what your background is, it doesn’t matter your gender. We are all equal,” said Rev. Angelique Labadie-Cihanowyz, Executive Director of Sojourner Truth Ministries.

The nonprofit currently provides a hot lunch six days a week, Monday through Saturday, with additional meals to go.

“We’re most known for the feeding program. And that is in partnership with United Way. We receive a grant for a good chunk of that feeding program. Last year, we served nearly 21,000 meals to the hungry, food insecure, homeless, and those wanting company,” said Labadie-Cihanowyz.

Sojourner Truth Ministries also runs House of Hope, a transitional living program for women leaving homelessness.

“With the population that we serve and so we want to encourage sisterhood and community building and unity and so this space, every single thing is intentionally (chosen) that even the colors are trauma informed and really well thought out,” said Labadie-Cihanowyz.

The intentionally thought out space also has a Healing Garden, in partnership with UPMC Susquehanna, which is meant to be a peaceful getaway for those staying.

“The healing garden extends the living space, it gives people individual little pockets of nature to be in and to have quiet time, and just kind of escape from the world. So it incorporates all five senses,” said Labadie-Cihanowyz.

The minitistries is continuing to expand their community living spaces to a house nearby that they recently obtained.

“Women are still in transition, but it will offer them an opportunity to save up some money and work toward, and goals more long term while still living within our program expectations. So we know that they will be good neighbors. They’ll be contributing to the community. And for us, that’s really important,” said Labadie-Cihanowyz.

House of Hope also has mentors that help the women in their time of life transition, and to make sure that the women feel safe in the home.

“I just fell in love with the ministry and everything. …It’s been my desire for years to help people since I was a kid, and women in particular. It’s just such a tremendous opportunity to provide healing and help women to get back on their feet. …It’s fun. I have no other word for it. It’s just amazing. Fulfilling, exciting, fun. enjoyable, and it’s what our job should be,” Said Pamela Temons, Supervisor at House of Hope.

The nonprofit is currently open to anyone willing to volunteer their time, or make donations.

They are always in need of help with cleaning, serving meals, and more.

“Pretty much anything that someone can do or feels passionate about, we probably need it,” said Labadie-Cihanowyz.

To learn more about volunteering or donating to Sojourner Truth Ministries, visit https://www.facebook.com/stmwilliamsport.


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