‘Trees for Life’ continues custom furniture through the new year

A local business focusing on handcrafted live-edge furniture continues the historic spirit of Williamsport’s former status as lumber capital of the world.

Woodrich: Trees for Life, or just “Trees for Life,” is a business formed by Raffael Colone, 42, of Loyalsock Township, and his passion for the outdoors and recycling wood that might otherwise not be used.

“I give trees new life in your home,” Colone said. “We finish what mother nature started.”

Colone’s furniture holds a glossy and rugged look, which Colone said is because he cuts the furniture along the natural lines present in the wood.

Lycoming County residents can find Trees for Life products in local businesses such as Alabaster Coffee & Tea Company, the Bullfrog Brewery and more.

Trees for Life harvests local lumber, processes it in-house by letting it dry for a few days, milling it, and then creates its furniture at its workshop outside of Cogan House. He prefers working in a rural setting surrounded by trees.

“I like to let nature and the outdoors speak to me. I can feel it,” Colone said.

Colone’s business began with his love for nature and wood. The 42-year-old man grew up outside of Trout Run and spent his youthful days playing in the woods, building treehouses and was an Eagle Scout.

Colone’s brother, Bob Colone, described Raffael as an Eagle Scout, an outdoorsman and a survivalist.

Colone is a certified arborist who graduated from Penn College’s forestry program in the 90s.

However, after college, Colone moved away to Colorado in the 2000s, where he specialized in fire mitigation. As a 22-year-old, he drafted contracts and executed them. However, he held a yearning to repurpose the trees he removed-and he needed winter work, too.

In 2008, Colone moved back to the Williamsport area to be closer to his roots. Colone said Williamsport used to be the lumber capital of the 13 colonies, and he wanted his business to honor that in where it was based.

Today, Trees for Life ships furniture across the world, from the United Kingdom, to Qatar and China. He takes great pride in the fact that every step of the process is completed in-house in Lycoming County, and that his business is popular across the world.

“What matters is how well you do it,” Colone said. “Quality over quantity. We’re not a factory.”

Woodrichpa.com, Trees for Life’s website, ranks second in the world among 30 million website domains, according to Colone-and he said Woodrich is the pioneer of bespoke furniture.

Woodrich has two locations: The workshop, located on Quaker Hill Road in Cogan Station, and a restored property on Church St. in the city he bought in 2019.

The Church St. property in Williamsport was originally listed for 650 days before Colone bought it. He knew he would have to put the work in to see it restored, but wanted to do so nonetheless.

“It was my heart and feelings,” Colone said. “It was a building with character. Just like my furniture, it has individuality.”

Colone uses the Williamsport location to show off his pieces, where he has an elaborate collection ready to be presented to interested customers. He spent a great amount of time revitalizing the building to “give it a shine.”

Trees for Life maintains a variety of social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok, to expand its reach online. Colone described trading his unique furniture with another business owner who had a greater audience to mutually support one another.

“We look out for each other,” Colone said of small businesses.

Customers interested in purchasing unique furniture from Trees for Life should email woodrichpa.com or call (570) 506-0288 to get in contact with Colone.


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