Hughesville scores in chicken-eating contest

MARK NANCE/Sun-Gazette Hughesville High School cheerleaders junior Missy Walburn, left, sophomore Emilie Dylina, middle, and senior Jackie McClintock, along with Hughesville fans cheer as they win the cheerleaders Pre-Game Wing-Eating Contest at the Log Cabin Inn Muncy Tuesday night. Three cheerleaders from Hughesville and Muncy along with three football players from each school, faced off against each other, leading up to their annual football match-up on Friday night.

MUNCY — Cheering erupted Tuesday in the dining room at the Log Cabin Inn, 7044 Industrial Park Road, as Hughesville High School students, their faces dripping with barbeque sauce, declared wing-eating victory over Muncy High School.

As a prelude to Friday night’s football game at Muncy, three football players and three cheerleaders from each school competed against each other to see who could devour a dozen wings first.

There could be no meat left on the bones and all of the food had to be eaten and swallowed in order to win. A waitress from the restaurant was the judge.

The students shoveled wing after wing into their sticky mouths as fast as they could.

Spectators stood on benches clapping, shouting encouragement and pounding on the tables while the competitors ate.

The Spartans roared with excitement as their teams defeated the Indians.

“It was great to beat Muncy,” said Emilie Dylina, 15,  a Hughesville cheerleader.

Even though she usually has difficulty eating just six wings, she was proud she could eat the dozen to bring her team to victory.

Last year the cheerleaders lost the contest, said Hughesville cheerleader Jackie McClintock, 17, so she wanted to participate to see if they could do better. There was an incredible drive to win since they were defeated before, she said.

Missy Walburn, 16, another Hughesville cheerleader, said she was nervous once she sat down to eat because there were dozens of people shouting above her and taking photos.

“The intense shouting was encouraging,” said Ori Shaner, 16, a Hughesville football player.

Josh Dauberman, 17, also of Hughesville, dropped his first wing the moment the competition started.

“It slipped out of my hand onto the floor,” he said. “Five-second rule.”

He enjoyed the school spirit and had fun participating in the contest, he said.

Teammates Shaner, Dauberman and Patrick Rogers, 16, said they all were happy to get free wings.

Despite their loss, the Muncy teams came out with their heads held high.

“I’m disappointed (we lost), but we’re going to win on Friday,” said Isaac Mottern, 17, who is on the Muncy football team.

Malik Wertman, 17, also of Muncy, said he is proud of how his teammates did, but it all comes down to Friday night.

Muncy cheerleaders Alyssa Gravelle and Aimee Braunsberg, both 17, said they enjoyed the school spirit and participating in the tradition. Braunsberg said it got her adrenaline rushing.

“Even though we lost, we all tried together,” Gravelle said.


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