Flood reduction grant, bandshell on council’s slate

City Council plans to review a $500,000 grant application request tonight for a study on the watershed of Grafius Run and ways to reduce flood damage.

“This is a possible $10 million-plus project,” said Rebecca Haladay, city engineer.

The grant application will go to the state Department of Community and Economic Development, according to a document obtained by the Sun-Gazette.

It is a flood-mitigation grant not to be in excess of $500,000. It is for hydraulic studies, improvements, construction and land acquisition and other costs such as inspection and permit and administrative fees.

It requires a 15 percent cash match, which can be obtained by expended funds over the years, Haladay said. She has a May 31 deadline.

An engineering company, Rettew, has spent about $65,000 on the project on flood mitigation and has proposed ideas such as bringing in self-moving trash racks to clear debris in Grafius Run and other ideas to channel water away from properties.

Council has not decided on the bulk of the projects, which are in the conceptual stage.

Haladay’s request received a positive recommendation by the council finance committee this week.

Another project on the city agenda is the reconstruction and renovation of the bandshell at Brandon Park, a project estimated to cost nearly $390,000, according to a copy of the proposal.

The bandshell, built by Jacob Gehron and Sons in 1913, was inspected by Jeffrey E. Brooks, an engineer, on behalf of the city codes administrator, Joseph Gerardi.

The bandshell requires modifications to meet laws under the Americans with Disabilities act, structural repairs, and improvements and removals to prevent additional moisture damage.

Haladay is asking for a $20,000 “Legacy grant” to Lycoming County, which would be funded by natural gas impact fees. The city also plans to use $50,000 of Community Development Block Grant money allocated for 2019.


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