State prison for passenger in Anthony Street shooting

The third man involved in the fatal shooting of Jamil M. Bryant was sentenced almost three years after Bryant was gunned down outside of his residence over a fight that began over $20 worth of marijuana.

Cosme Berrones, 22, was sentenced to serve 12 to 25 years in state prison by President Judge Nancy L. Butts Tuesday for charges including criminal homicide, conspiracy to commit criminal homicide, obstruction of justice and fabricating evidence.

Berrones is the third defendant to be sentenced after Bryant was murdered at his Anthony Street address over an argument he had with Terrance X. Perez and Brandon Love over $20 worth of marijuana.

Berrones testified at both Perez and Love’s trials concerning the May 11, 2015 shooting as a part of a plea agreement. During his testimony at Perez’s trial, Berrones admitted to driving Perez to get an AR-15 style rifle from a storage locker in the city. Love, Perez and Berrones then left Berrones’ apartment where Perez used that rifle to shoot Bryant with 13 .22 caliber rounds.

Berrones initially told police that he had known Perez intended to kill Bryant, which was a point of contention during Love’s trial when he stated that he hadn’t known about Perez’s intentions.

First Assistant District Attorney Martin L. Wade told the court on Tuesday that he first felt Berrones hadn’t held up his half of the bargain during the testimonies, but agreed to continue with the agreed deal.

“(Berrones) testified very poorly in the Love case,” Wade said. “As I was questioning him I could tell he was a deer in headlights … but I don’t believe he tried to sabotage my case.”

Wade also told the court that he felt Berrones’ testimony was a crucial part of Perez’s trial and that he had been cooperative despite his apprehension in the Love trial.

During his sentencing, Bryant’s parents declined to say anything to the court, but Berrones took the opportunity to apologize to the victim’s family.

“I would like to tell the family I am sorry for what I did,” Berrones said. “I hope I can be forgiven one day.”

Along with Berrones’ prison time, he will owe the family $11,069 in restitution.

Butts told the court that while justice was served concerning the defendants in the case, what happened on that night in May was still a tragedy.

“There’s no happy ending here,” Butts said. “Two lives are essentially lost.”

Love was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in state prison after pleading no contest at a jury trial during the ninth hour of deliberations on Feb 9. Perez received life in state prison on Nov. 1, 2017 after he was found guilty in a jury trial.


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