Township to seek solutions to areas prone to flooding

A study looking into protecting Loyalsock Township and Williamsport homes, roadways and public facilities from flooding due to Grafius Run and its tributaries was approved by the Loyalsock Township supervisors at their meeting Tuesday.

The resolution, which was first brought to the supervisors by the city, requests the state Department of Environmental Protection begin a feasibility study to bring to light ideas for flood protection projects in the township and in Williamsport.

Before the DEP begins the feasibility study, which would span Loyalsock Township and Williamsport, City Council will need to approve its own resolution and DEP then will need to accept the study, according to Bill Burdett, township manager.

“There may be some things that could be done in the township that could help both the township and the city,” Burdett said. “DEP would look at studying the watershed and at areas where flood protection projects might make sense.”

Burdett said flooding from Grafius Run has mostly struck residences in the city, but in the township mostly has affected local roadways and public facilities.

If the DEP agrees to study the local waterways and projects are deemed feasible for the area, it will be up to the township and the city if any of the solutions will be used.

Supervisors Paul Nyman, John C. Bower Jr., Marc C. Sortman, Richard H. Wheeland and Virginia Eaton approved the resolution.

SEDA-Council of Governments held a Community Development Building Grant public hearing to discuss projects to be completed by the $156,000 grant that the township will be receiving.

The township is looking at using the funds to create handicap accessible curb cuts and to renovate the restrooms in the township’s municipal building but will have another public hearing later in the year for further discussion.

The board also approved conditional use for Kohler Kustom, an automotive garage that will be moving into the Heshbon area, according to Burdett.


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