County district judge to retire at end of year

Magisterial District Judge Allen Page III has announced he will retire at the end of this year, effective Jan. 31.

Page has presided as Lycoming County district judge, which covers the eastern portion of the city, since 1987.

Under the current election law, if he had retired after Jan. 3, 2019, another candidate could not be sworn in as an elected judge until 2022. By retiring by Dec. 31, the position can be placed on next year’s election ballot. The candidate winning the November election next year would then assume office in 2020.

During the time between his retirement and the term of a new district judge, Page indicated he could be appointed as a Senior Judge to fill the position in the interim.

“I will, hopefully, when I am totally finished, be appointed as a senior judge,” he said, adding “If I’m lucky and with the blessing of my superiors.”

In announcing his retirement, Page emphasized the decision was not based on any major health issues.

“When I got elected in 2017, I had all intents of serving until 2024,” he said. But he said after reviewing things coupled with the voting laws, he decided to retire.

Noting the busy section of the city he covers, Page, who would have been 70 by the time is term was finished, said he felt it wouldn’t be fair to stay in office until something happens.

He expressed his gratitude to the community for granting him the privilege to serve as district judge.

“It has been a tremendous opportunity to meet a variety of people,” he said. “I’ve made an impact on some lives and frustrated others.”